Chain length?

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After a couple long tours, amounting to about 10,000 miles on my Tour, I need a new chain. What is the number of chain links in the stock chain? I'm trying to avoid the greasy mess of counting them... one by one. ;)


  • What length trike?
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  • I did not count my links... but when I replaced my chain I just lined up my old chain and put the new on next to it... lined up the links and cut the chain at the appropriate place.
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  • These things have chains??? :lol:
  • It depends on the size trike you have.
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  • This may be a late reply and by now you have probably resolved the chain length question. However, I wanted to let you know I have a Tour with over 2000 miles on it (a little over one year old) and replaced the chain last month because I tend to use the lower gears too much. Anyway on this model trike I counted 144 links. Hope this helps. BTW- be sure to inspect your cassette gears for wear. Any issue in the cassette will cause premature weatr on the new chain.
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