SL model vs GT model SPORTSTER

Is it worth the extra 1300 bucks for the SL trike or is the GT just as good?


  • Looking for experienced info on trike for small adult with knee issues due to surgeries. The least pressure on knees, etc. Could someone refer me, please? I was thinking the Terra Sportster.
  • I have a Zoomer SL which preceded the Sportster only difference is the Zoomer seat is lower and frame is three inches narrower.
    The SL has a significant number of higher end components and is worth it if you want a better handling and faster ride. There is a slight penalty in hill climbing but not enough to warrant choosing a heavier and poorer handling ride.

    Now if you have knee problems I'd strongly suggest finding a bike shop and trying various models.
    A number of people here are quick to suggest changing drive train components, avoid that if possible by getting the bike that fits your needs and it may be another brand.
  • I'm good
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