Transporting 2 Rambler in 6.5 foot pickup bed

Can you transport 2 Ramblers in a 6.5' pickup bed with out lowering the tale gate? It works on paper!!   My wife and I are purchasing new Ramblers.


  • I have a 6.5' bed on a Dodge pickup. I think you'll need to put them in one forward and the other backward. They will be angled front to back too.
    I would be very interested in how it works out.
  • The inside bed length of my Ford F150 is 78 1/2". My Rover goes in just fine. @gern was correct, 1 facing forward/1 facing backward. The only issue I see would be working them around the 2 wheel/fender humps. The boom on my Rover is about mid-way between the 'M' and 'L'. My Rover has around 5" clearance when the rear wheel is touching the front of the bed. Hope this helps.
  • Going to the bike shop today to see if two Ramblers will fit in the 6.5 bed of my truck.  
  • Went to bike shop and two Ramblers will fit in a 6.5 ' pickup bed.  Just flipped how they are installed.
  • Wooo Hooo!! We thought you could. We thought you could. We thought you could.
    Happy triking!
  • @jlkearney21 - good deal! Glad they fit....................time to ride!
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