Want to buy 2 rover or ramblers

Central MI wanted: 2 rovers or ramblers, within 500 miles.


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    I have a Rambler for sale in southeast Michigan. 
    Email me if you're still interested: cadamilligan@gmail.com
  • I have a like new 8speed rover. 26 inch rear wheel, seat bag, mirror, spd platform pedals. email 
  • I have a Rover three speed. I bought it at a charity auction three years ago. I put at most twenty miles on it the first summer. Never left my neighborhood. Hung in my garage the last two summers. $650 Ada, MI

  • @EricTooley, the 2013 TerraTrike Rover 3 Speed is not worth near the price of a Rover internal 8 speed. TerraTrike no longer offers a three speed because they determined 3 speeds insufficient for all but the strongest riders. Heck, many of us with 8 internal speeds often wish we had at least another gear lower than 1st gear and at least another gear higher than 8th gear.

    The Bicycle Blue Book suggests that the original $900 TerraTrike Rover Internal 3 speed 2013 trike is worth a maximum of $419 in "like New" condition: https://www.bicyclebluebook.com/SearchListingDetail.aspx?id=3049693&make=1094&model=73365&year=2013&priceMax=20000//
    I'd recommend you have it converted to an i8 and you might really enjoy ridding it. If you are intent on selling it, I'd offer you the $419 max it is worth and then I'd spend the extra money and convert it myself.
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