Easy Front Fenders

If anyone is interested, I've come up with an easy solution for front fenders. They will allow front wheel removal without bothering the fender, but will also come off by loosening a single knob on each one. They will fit any trike with handle bars like the Rover and Rambler.
Let me know and I'll send pics and parts list. I bought everything from Amazon too.
Regards, Jim


  • I'm interested if they would fit the Traveler, please post what you have.  :)
  • interested also for a Rover
    8000 miles and counting...
  • I've sent pics to be posted on pictures page. Hope they'll show up in a day or 3.
  • OK. Here's a link to see the pics of my fenders. Let me know if you have questions.

  • Well DANG! I'll try this again .
  • Send me an email. I'll send parts list and pics jvhalp@yahoo.com
  • I'd sure like to see what you've come up with.  Is it OK to contact you at jvhalp@yahoo.com?

    The Duke
  • I am very sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Computer went down on me. I sent the pics as an attachment to my last email, but I can send them again.
  • Well Folks,
    In case you haven't guessed, it is VERY clear that I don't know what I'm doing while trying to put stuff on this forum. Please be patient with me.
    Many thanks to Bill. He got my pics posted so everyone can go see what I came up with.image
    Now let's see if I got it posted correctly. Just in case, I'll try this.....https://goo.gl/ZnigAJ .
  • Hey Gern..that looks like a pretty slick setup..Can you please post the parts list and instructions? Thanks in advance!
  • The parts/pieces can be purchased on Amazon.com. Just enter the part numbers (or "SKS Hightrek") in the search box.
    for the 1/4" hardware, I got everything from Amazon.
    quantities will be 2 of each item.

    Hightrek 26" set. Bought 2 sets to have 2 front fenders for my Rambler.
    the mount parts are Ram Mount.
    Short double socket arm
    Handlebar base with 1" ball
    1/4-20 base with 1"ball
    x 3/4 Stainless steel bolts, nuts, and lock washers Can get from local hardware
    store or home center.
  • Has anybody tried these out yet? I would like to know how they worked out.
  • I put these on my Rover about a month ago. My reccomendation is a different mount on the steering bar, otherwise use the parts as described. I used a different handlebar mount, the one wirh the u-bolt, which fit the handlebar better and gave a really firm mount. It is still a Rem Mount part.
    I don't believe I saved any money over OEM fenders but these were easy to mount and work really well. They look really well on y Rover. I am very pleased with them. gern did well in coming up with this set up. If you upgrade to 24" these will still work with minor adjustments. Good work!
  • Great ideas gern, nice post!  Im ordering parts as I write this!
  • This looks like a great setup! I'll probably keep the outside fender stays in addition to this, since I ride a pretty bumpy trail, but it means I don't have to try to jury rig some sort of connection to the brakes. Thanks for sharing the information!
  • I don't know why I said Rover?? I have a Rambler! Duh. But these fenders work really well and don't move around unless I move them!
  • I see you order the SKS Hightrek 26" set. and you said you order two sets.
    First, do you have 26" wheels? I have 20" fronts on my Rover and a 24 in the back. I made a fender for the back so all I need in the fronts. Also When I did a search for the SKS Hightrek 26" I found a few different fenders. Which one did you get? I thought they might be these. https://www.amazon.com/SKS-MTB-Cantilever-V-Brake-Mudguard/dp/B01F1H4B38 
    Did you use this on a 20" wheel? I did a search for 20" fenders but didn't find any. 
  • I have 24" wheels all around on my Rambler. I bought 2 sets because I used 2 front fenders. You can adjust the fenders to ride around the 20" wheels. They won't fit exactly. but will do the job. You may also heat them in an oven, or with a heat gun, and curve them to better fit the 20" wheels. Don't go too high on the temperature and be careful handling them. I recommend heavy leather gloves.
    To get the best fit, have your trike handy. Drape a towel on the tire and use it to form the fender. Practice with a rear fender until you're confident with your technique.
    You also picked the right set of fenders. Amazon now has several listings for the same thing, so always look for the lowest price. Some of the current listings are priced WAY too high.
     Good luck.
  • Thanks for the reply. I think I am going to try what you said and get those I have a link to on my last post. 
  • I tried the link but it didn't work. However, those are the fenders as I went to Amazon and looked them up (the ones you listed). Also, if you like, I'll email some better pics showing how I installed them. Just give me your email address.
  • edited September 2016
    I have them installed here is a link to my trike (two views) with the fenders installed. My Rover. Front View.
    Let me know if you have a problem with this link.
    If you look at the back wheel (24") you will see a half fender my grandson made out of a piece of aluminum.  I couldn't find a 5mm hex head bolt to hold it on, but I made one using a 5mm threaded rod and two nuts. Locked the nuts together and used a lock washer to hold it on. worked for me. I put the front fenders on like you did.
    Now I don't worry about riding through puddles. 
  • @Irisch your link doesn't work. You might try putting the entire URL in the message instead. I would like to see your results.
  • All this stuff from Amazon adds up to about $93. Seems that just getting them from TT is simpler
  • Perhaps, but this looks far more robust. I'm not happy with the deluxe fender set, the design is lacking in a few areas. Still have the rear one on, but ended up removing the front fenders.

    - PaulNM
  • The biggest advantage is that you don't have to remove the front fenders to fix a flat, change a tire, or even remove a front wheel.
  • To be fair, you only need to loosen one bolt on the deluxe fenders when changing tires/tubes. 

    Another advantage of this alternate setup is you can put the trike on it's side without putting stress on the fender components. You can also get closer to high curbs with it. The deluxe fenders stick out from the wheel where they attach to the center hub. This means that if you're riding too close to a curb as it ramps up, it can catch on the curb once it gets high enough.

    - PaulNM
  • Thanks guys. You've made my decision easier.
  • Nobody commented on this set: (check the third image. It pivots)
    SKS Rowdy Front and Rear Bicycle Fender Set (Black, 20-24 Inch) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0013CVZGC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_A3i8xb5WDV21S
  • I looked at the fenders you linked to. The rear on should work if you can figure out how to mount it. Our trikes don't have seat posts.
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