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Do they make a Sprocket Guard for the Rambler.  I've been searching to no avail.  Maybe it's called something different, but my wife just cut her leg open on the front sprocket requiring 15 stiches and I need to put one on her Rambler ASAP.   CAN YOU HELP PLEASE 


  • I got a NICE one from Laid Back Recumbents. Nicely machined aluminum. Was about $50, but worth it in my opinion, gives a "finished" look to my Rambler.
  • My information might also be a bit late, but we did just receive in our own Chainring Guards in stock!  I don't think they're listed on the website yet, but they're available for 39.95, and work with our base, and GT, Elite, and old Pro cranksets.

  • You can always call and order too. Taylor and I are nice guys... I am anyways, Taylor on the hand, he scares me sometimes. 

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  • Called Terra Trike and was told they would be available in the fall. Finally ordered from Laidback Cycles
  • I ran into the same problem with the front sprocket on my Rover. Gashed my leg in store parking lot and stupidly rode home with. Pant leg was blood soaked and stuck to my leg.

    Not wanting a repeat I looked for chain guards and had the same difficulty as others. Liked the looks of the "bash guard" from ICE so bought one but had to shim out the bottom tube diameter on the Rover. Works, but still not perfect. My bottom tube is built up with tape layers and the ICE clamped onto that. Is squishy and loose, but stays in place and does the job. Hard to explain "why" to friends, so am having an aluminum "ring" spacer made.
  • Just installed my chain guard from TT and it was easy and works and looks great.  Not in catalog yet but call them and order for $39.95
  • I'd like to know what the TT chain guard looks like, but if it's not in the catalog . . . . . . .?  Can you describe it?  What has to be taken apart to get it installed?
  • It goes on very simply in a bout ten minutes. You have to ask TT for one they do not have in catalog for unknowable reasons.
  • No need to pull crank
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    It depends on the guard and how it attaches. Some bolt onto the largest ring,  Others clamp around the bottom bracket. Neither of those require removing the pedal or crank.

    Some genius manufacturers make theirs with just a hole in it. You have to pull the crank to install them, or maybe you can get away with just removing a pedal and sliding it down the crank. (It's a toss up as to whether that's really any easier.)

    There are also some that are permanently attached to the crankring. Replacing/removing those requires getting any entirely new crankset.

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  • I was referring to the guard terratrike sells
  • Are they on the TT website yet?...and do I need to lose my big ring ?
  • Robertjr - 
       I am sorry to hear about your wife's injury and hope she is recovering nicely.
       I have a small machine shop and do fabrication for a living. If push comes to shove and you can't find what your looking for, I can make you something. Feel free to email me at if you would like to follow up on this.
       Being a fellow trike rider, I have a tour II, I'm sure pricing will be more than fair and I barter if that interests you.
  • The guard terratrike sells will bolt onto any three rings crank they supply on their trikes
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