Fat Rover?

Hows everyone feel about the idea of having a Fat Rover available as an option?
Ive seen some of the other Fat Trikes out there like the Trident Terrain, a some of the Utah Trikes special modifications.

Seems to me a Fat Rover would be something folks would be interested in.

I know I for one am wondering about a Fat Rover, with Nuvinci in back, and Patterson in front.

Penny for your thoughts...


  • I'd think it would be a heavy tank
  • No reason it couldn't exist. Terratrike made a fat Rambler at one point. The Rover and Rambler have the same kind of frame design.

    - PaulNM
  • I thought it would be great to upgrade my Rambler to fat tires until I did the research. The extra weight and increased rolling resistance just wasn't worth the "cool" factor. For now, I have hybrid tires for smooth road riding and confident trail riding. I also drilled the rims to fit Schrader valves and run 35-40 psi all around. I'm happy with it for now but I might upgrade to 24" rims someday. There's my thoughts - keep your penny. :)
  • I've found the balloon tires run differently on different surfaces.  Many of the roads hear are asphalt with sealer on top.  I roll on them.  It's great!  Concrete is fine but a wooden bridge is the hardest thing to ride on.  

    I did find with the nobby tires that I can get out of the grass.  I often have to move over for lawn equipment passing me on the trails in the golf communnity.
  • Well after looking at that Fat tire Rambler, I sure wouldn't be using a rover to do that - i e go off trail. But I was thinking that bigger tires would make a more comfortable ride for us heavier people, even if it is SLOWER than an average rover would do..
  • Rear fork on Rover too narrow me thinks. With my 24 in rear w 2.0 Big Applles there is only about 1/4 in clearance on each side. Inside width of forks with a 20" wheel is about 3 in. Also an IGH might be better for off road as the ext has the derailleur hanging down pretty close to dirt and debris
  • Yeah the Rover and Rambler would have to have the back end modified to fit the larger sized wheels.

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