New 2016 Rover - Internal 8 - (Picture Heavy)

 Okay, bit the bullet and bought the internal 8 due to the fact of traffic, getting used to the Rover, and sealed from the elements as I plan to ride in the snow this winter maybe. :)

  My comments are not meant to be complaints, more observations and where I am at. Stuff happens, that's life.

  The bicycle shop in La Grande, OR was not of much help is sizing the trike up. The older guy tried, but he didn't know what an X-seam was or how to adjust that. Whit, the repair guy was helpful but he had customers coming in too. But he was of help, though I bought the trike unadjusted to me.
  I did get an extra set of luggage rack screws; they sold me a Bontrager luggage rack at 10% discount for buying it with the trike, and a complimentary flag and pole. Very nice of them to do that! :D

  My thighs are too big and hit the bars. So going to have to order the wider bars tonight. The mechanic widened the bars out as far as he could, but that also created a strain on the brake level cable ends as my thighs are hitting those.

  Left side


Right side


Cycle Computer Magnet Mount?

Interesting boom/seat stay screws & sexy paint job!



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      The right side has the shifter and brake on the handlebar more in than on the left wide. Can I move them out more or does it need to stay in that close? Kind of wished there was angled cable end brackets here...

      So will have to order the extra wider handlebars, but what can I do to the handlebars & cabling as it sits until the wider space bars (have to order) arrive? I'd like to get to using this trike but I need to also get adjusted.

      Am 5 foot 11 inches tall, but my legs seem to growing shorter and are around 27 to 28 inches, guessing 27. I don't know my X seam and not sure if I can get anyone to help me measure that. Guess I could try the LBS (local bike shop) but Joe's (Eastern Oregon Cycles) usually busy.

      Did sort of throw the stuff in slight alignment and found out the seat slipped backwards as I was tryin to get my feet into the new pedal system. They have velcro heel loops now too!  ;)

      Only had 4 hours sleep so going to bed soon. Then read the manual tomorrow, if the DBS (distant bike shop) gave me the right one... he did have a time trying to find it. :P

      Somehow have to get all these adjustments set, find a way to keep the seat from moving back, and get to exercising.

      Did go around the park once tonight. The pedals are too far out where the seat was and I prefer to sit slightly upright for now, that may change over time? Was sweating coconuts when I got home. Wow, these short wheels and sprockets really put a person to the test. Now I see why some want a bigger chain ring.

      Might have to give thought to something in the sprocket area where I can drop down for hill climbing. Not sure if the Rover will take the bridge going over the Snake River or the freeway bridges, but when I get good on this may give it a go.
      Can say the calves were tight tonight after the ride. Hope the fat burns off good too!

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  •   Oh, and want to get a center tube of some sort to mount a headlamp or put the Cateye LED Reflex on the front, and have a place to mount my phone to too. There's GPS and pokestops to get - Hey, exercising can be fun too.
      Want to be able to ride a few miles to Payette and hit some pokegyms and stops along the way and get the TerraTrike Recumbent movement going at the same time. :D

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  • Ok.  That was lots to read.  Regarding the handlebars, I had the same problem.  So I bought the wide handlebars.  My legs finally stopped hitting the cables but, because I live in a condo without a garage, I could not get the trike through the front door with the handlebars angled out.  Instead, I had the two pairs combined to be higher and angle differently.  Click on my little picture to see what they look like now.  It also hurt my hands to have them far out to the side while riding.

    As for the seat, go to the hardware store and buy a 1 1/4" U bolt.  I also got some thin rubber to place under the bolt.  Adjust your seat as needed then place the U bolt behind it.  My seat slid every time I rode until this was installed.  Now it doesn't slide at all.

    Your X seam measurement is easy.  Bend forward at the waist and measure the distance from the top of your lower back to the ground.  Once you adjust the seat then install the U bolt, make certain all the boom adjustment bolts underneath are all tight.  This should solve your seat problem.
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    1. I used a simple hose clamp (50 cents at Home Depot) and 7.5" of cut inner tube (to prevent the hose clamp from scratching the pretty paint job) placed right behind the seat clamp, around the square of the main tube. Seat STAYS.

    2. Invest in the "helper" bars ($90) and buy a bag of tie wraps. The helper bars, along with the wider handlebars, will help you with routing the brake and gear cables away from your legs and the tie wraps will keep them there. Plus the helper bars come with a water bottle mount each (the screws and threaded holes). You WILL go through both bottles on a 10 mile ride, and on the bars you can actually reach them. You will never reach a water bottle placed between your feet, where TT put their screws!

    3. 5' 11", your boom should LIKELY be set at about 3/4" past the "Middle" mark on the post. I'm 5' 11" myself, and 360 pounds, so I've felt your pain.

    You should feel lucky - you got the "comfort pedals". Mine didn't; TT isn't selling them, either; so I'm stuck trying to make my own out of nuts, bolts, and cut inner tube.
  • FYI The "helper bars" are listed as "Versa Bars". I have them on my Rambler and wouldn't be without them.
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      Could you take a phone of your boom, please? Positioning wise. Am assuming all Rovers have the three lines adjustment on them?

      I've got to find the serial number yet and get my trike registered, assuming Idaho does this. Didn't see any way to register at TerraTrike.

      Oh cool, the Versa Bars look like a better method of mounting gear to as well. Those will have to wait as I've blown my budget for the next 4 months.

      Say, does anyone have photos of the front boom derailleur mount tube, and measurements? Was looking at this Boom Mount setup and I might be able to get a local welder to come up with something similar. If not, can have a crack at making some sort of mount for the Cateye LED Reflex & wide-area headlamp

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  •   This was an early birthday gift to myself as I hit 55 two months from now.

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  • Warning. Versa bars are NOT the same diameter as handlebars. They are bigger.
  • I am 5' 11", waist 54 and inseam is 30. Adjust the boom pic accordingly :-)
  • Serial # is below the hex bolt inside the frame split, where it splits for the rear wheel. And yes you can register on the site. It's under "Resources" on the main page.
  •   Thank you! :D

      Quite the setup there. 5' 11~" here, used to be 6' 1/2". 54/56 waist - 56 gives me more leg/crotch room but is too loose on the waist. The inseam is where I first noticed change... am guessing 28ish.

      How do you ride on the seat? Is it easier to lay back, don't want to fall asleep on one. Did recommend one to a friend I know on Guild Wars 2, and she says he falls asleep on hers, takes small naps. LOL

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  • What pants do you buy? That's your inseam. My seat back lifters have 3 holes exposed, pins in the 4th. Pretty vertical, really
  • I bought the vertical hand holds at my lbs. Good for long straight sections in our local parks.
  • @IdahoTrailLizard, I just added some more images for you into that folder. There's one for your 55th birthday.
  •   Noticed the larger rubber grip on the shifter keeps sliding off. Debating about putting contact rubber cement on there to keep it from wondering off.

      Looking at this flagpole and the Rover... not going to ask... will figure it out. :P

      Wider handlebars supposed to be here on Saturday. Guess that means the post office will deliver them. Am surprised they are expected to be there this quick, and happy too. :)

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  • Hint: look at the top of the seat. See the brass holes? Pick one.
  •   Nah, it's can't be that easy can it??

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  • Do what @jamesr says. Can't go wrong there.
    Plus the tt site videos. I think there's one on checking toe-in. Maybe.
  •  Brake noodles eh? Actually was thinking of a plastic wire wrapping, then I Googled brake noodle.

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      Not sure why someone recommended a 1.25" squared U bolt when the support is 2" though did find a 2" squared U bolt but I'm probably going to have to order  2.25" one.

      Going to have to take the Rover to Eastern Oregon Cycles I think to go over the Rover, and figure out the X seam business.
      Looks like the boom is out on the L setting, M is all the way out so is on the Long mark. I'm 5" 11" (supposedly) and probably have 28"ish inseam.

      Didn't take any selfies as the sun was going down and I was on my 3rd lap around the park. Was starting to feel the calf muscles getting some use. :)
      Did get a 10 second timed photo, so had to rush back and sit down...  don't have anyone else to take photos of me going zoom zoom zoom.

      The seat kept sliding so I reviewed the online assembly instructions. There was a 3 sided plastic piece around the seat's quick release that got broke in the process of removing the assembly. Someone obviously doesn't know how to put Rovers together properly, as they had the compression blocks in upside down.
      Think I know why, when put back together with the flats against the frame there was some tension there. It took two of us with a screwdriver to get the quick release bold to slide back in. Now when the quick release is tightened down the seat stayed put.
      Still going to get a bracket just in case.

      Put the seat back on the 5th hole which made it a bit easier to ride, though the seat bottom felt odd. And after a while I could feel the two pipes poking me in the back thighs. I might have to get a cushion or bump the seat up to the 6th hole - though 5 felt surprisingly good. - Think the seat was nearly all the way up on the test drive.
      Let the landlord take a spin, first thing he does is slam on the brakes to test that. He said yep, he could hurt himself on one but it felt fun.
      Also I have no 4th or 6th gear on the SA 8 speed IGH. Think there's is some slack in the chain, which I don't know if that's good or bad. So asking the LBS if they can adjust a Sturmey-Archer IGH. I'm sure Joe Heinz can do it.

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      Don't have shims that I saw. There was a piece of plastic that was the length of the 3 piece compression blocks that covered three sides of those blocks. Looked more like either shipping protection or to keep mud and debris off. One side snapped off as we were trying to remove the quick release bolt.
      The blocks were clearly upside down. Once we put them back in proper position they seat stayed put for a 1.5 mile ride. - Boy, I can feel the difference riding, and riding more laid back work muscles my body forgot about. :P

      Installing the seat (already done by Mountain Cycle Works, La Grande, OR)

      Seat compression wedges

      These were upside down, and there was a piece of plastic covering all three sides of this it's length. One side had broke off when we were trying to remove a very stubborn QR bolt. The plastic was 1 to 1.5 mm thick and resembled ordinary plastic with a ridge on the corner. Thought it was more of a shipper's protector or a debris shield.

      Was a fun ride 'cept 5th really made me sweat. ;) Can feel some shoulder muscles that got worked out, the back of my hips, and you know ... my feet feel better even though they been giving me problems lately. Noticed some other things that is TMI for the forum. Oh, and went out to celebrate today and wasn't near as hungry. I think the Rover is going to work out!

     Have to get something made for the front. Thinking of having something welded in a lazy triangle shape, or maybe have something flat on top. Give me plenty of vertical space for lights and Cateye Reflex, the back side could hold my phone. Maybe put an air horn on the bracket. :P

      Want the Versa Bars but $89 ... ouch. Not sure if those will work on the wider handlebars or not, though I wouldn't use them so much for getting in and out - don't have that problem unless perhaps I was exhausted from a long ride or head-wind. Am thinking more of space to mount water bottles, and the cycling computer.
      Do have a Camelbak Lobo hydration pack that I could put on the back seat. There's no way I'd be able to reach a water bottle on the boom.

      Oh, and thanks for the pole mounting spots. They are right there though I didn't use them yet.

      Neighbors are already wanted test rides ... 8-|

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  • PS: The photos were obtained from TerraTrike PDFs.

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  •   Like this forum LOTS! The other riders really have lots of info to share! /salutes you ALL

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  • Sorry! Made an error.  Not perfect!
  • That stupid 3 sided piece of plastic was a shipping piece - assembly should have tossed it away.

    I think the "shims" are more like rubber strips that fit to the top of each of the 3 non-rectangular pieces to help give it grip.

    I shared my pics of my boom set (and I'm 5' 10"+) and of the little tiny slot in the Sturmey-Archer next to the sprocket that you look down in while in 4th gear to align the hub. Turn the little round thingy up at the gear shifter (where the cable goes into the shifter) to adjust. The "brass" line should be dead center of the black opening.  In the hub instructions, it says go to 8, then 4, then 8, and back to 4 and do the adjustment. When I get mine centered, I go back to 8 and 4 again to ensure it's really centered.

    I had to adjust mine almost every ride for the first week. After that it's settled down. I guess the cable stretched as much as it was going to stretch.

    Add-ons:  is a video of a guy who used PVC to make a nice, stable post with multiple side posts for his stuff. Don't spend money nor weld to your trike!
  • Also, I got the foam wedge for the front of my seat and it's helped with the whole "bars digging into my thighs" issue.
  • Versa Bars work fine on the wide handlebars - my pic of my Rover in my van has the wide bars with the versa bars attached.
  •   Canopies!! Wow, forgot about those. Be perfect to put a solar panel on.

      @Florida_bound Not perfect here either sir. Can only walk on water when it rains. No worries! :D

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  •   I'll have to give it a go then as adjustments will probably be needed at inconvenient times.

      Not a master when it comes to chain links either. Figured the boom might of been out too far. Is why I figured would take it to the LBS and get the X seam figured out, chain adjusted, and go from there. And get brake cable noodles.
      Also get the thorn proofing on the wheels as we live in goat-head metropolis.

      Was considering having a 1/2 inch square tubing bracket welding together and figure a mounting system to go on the water bottle area, maybe use squared U bolts there too. Don't want it too high in case I end up flying off the trike due to a sudden stop - which I pray never happens.

      Thanks for ALL the help folks!! Every bit helps. ;)

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