water bladder

I have the rambler with the water bag across the back of my seat...im wondering if anyone knows how i can keep my water hose from dragging on the ground...i try and put it over my shoulder but it doesnt seem to stay. is there anything i can purchase?? please help with ideas i have a long ride coming up in a couple months.


  • I keep my bladder strapped to my rack with bungees. They help keep it in place while also providing gentle pressure on the contents.  I have the tube running up over my shoulder.

    Two things help keep it in place. One is that I tuck the mouthpiece into the neck of my shirt. I just pull it out when drinking and stick it back in when done. In my case it has a cap, you may need to wipe it down real quickly. Otherwise you may get a little water on your shirt.

    The other is that I have a folding cane that I stick into the seat, between the mesh I sit on and the straps.  I use a short bungee to keep it upright, otherwise it can fall across the seat back making me lean against a hard bar.

    That helps keep the hose from falling off the side of the seat, a flag pole would do the same.



    - PaulNM 
  • Thanks for the idea of where to put the cane.  I was thinking about strapping it to the boom.  I don't take it with me now but may need to in the future.
  • I have two questions regarding water bladders.
    1)  Do they in any way affect the taste of the water? 
    2)  Are they insulated so as to keep the water cold?
  • Depends on the model.

    Usually they won't affect taste, unless you fail to keep them clean. Then you get mold and other stuff. Some completely open up on one end, so you can turn it inside out for cleaning.

    The one I use is insulated and very tough. It won't be necessary to buy an additional bag for it.
    (They also have a 2 liter version)

    If you're shopping around for a bladder, make sure you check out the hose length. Some are sized for someone wearing a short backpack and won't be long enough for use on a trike.

    - PaulNM
  • I bought a 24 oz Hydro Flask and think it's great.  It's long enough that I can reach it while pedaling.  I usually ride for an hour and still have ice when I get back.  As a matter of fact, I only put one or two cubes in it so I can get more water in there.  I have left cold water in it and it's still cold the next day.  No bad taste either.
  •   Hmm... am a bit outclassed here with lack of triking experience though I use a Camelbak lobo strapped to the back of the seat. Not had an issue. Have an old Rhode Gear velcro leg strap to hold the hose to the grommet area where a flag rests inside. CamelBak has a coconut carbon insert that takes away the chlorine taste from water, though one has to such a bit harder with it in use.

      Had picked up a Lobo pack on sale from Bike Nashbar. But if you use the rack method, which makes more sense for evaporation cooling then definitely get a longer hose. Stick ice cubes inside the hydration pack or use cold packs.

    ¬ ITL
  • PaulNM! Am jealous over the gearing. :D

    ¬ ITL
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