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Okay i know this is just a idea in my head. But i was thinking next spring about doing a camping/ride. We would camp at a campground someplace and ride from the campground Sat morning and again sunday morning.
I am Just wondering if anyone else would find this fun or is it to much work ? We could do a potluck or something on Saturday night.

Or we could load our gear in Burleys or bobs and pull our gear ride someplace camp and do that for friday and Sat night. try and make a loop. Mileage could very.
I would love to do this yet this year but we are just out of time.

If its just a few of us i bet i could talk someone into driving our gear from one campground to another. kinda go north and camp then go farther north.

Lets here some other idea. I was thinking ride the white pine till it ends hoping on the road and riding for awhile longer.


  • This sounds like it would be a fun time, hope to hear from others, even though its a year away it would be nice to look ahead for some dates that would work for differant people, I know some people need to look ahead to schedule time off from work if needed. If it is something that you think you might like to do lets go ahead and let Krazykayak know, that way he can get a idea of how many people would be interested.
  • i think i'd be up for it
  • This is something we would definitely be interested in. We are tandem riders that live in northern MI, our spring up here is about 2 weeks behind what you all get in GR. I'm thinking early May would be good if your thinking northern MI, (sometimes our tress don't leaf until then.) but it's just a suggestion. Would you be willing to start a list of people to contact? If so we would like to be put n that list.
  • I think i would be interested in doing something like that sounds fun
  • I will be Starting up a List soon.

    I guess lets use this Forum as for Places to start, Ride to and End.
    Sorry i have been off the board but i have been nursing this horrible Knee issue i gave myself working in the garage.

    If you have any questions.
    You can email me
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  • Well its a new year and was wondering if any still had interest in this. I know some people are doing PALM ( pedal across lower michigan)in late june. So maybe this would be a good practice.
    I was thinking
    Saving Friday morning and heading north from Byron center on the Kent trail trail. Take that to millemium park, from there take a few streets to get to the the star of the white pine.. Camp Friday night yet to be determined..
    Saturday get up and ride white pine north. At some point figure out how to cross the state and maybe end up on the muskatatwa back to grand rapids camp saturday night In Marne area Sunday mornig get up and head back to cars..

    A few questions..

    1. Do people mind riding on roads ?
    2. Would we bring food to eat at campground or try and stop on route?
    3. Would we want to try and get other no riders to support with sag vehicles ?
    4. What dates would work ?
    5. I'm missing ?

    For those of you who don't have gear please contact me s I have extra.

    Please feel free to give impute..
  • Are you still planning this? I am very interested if the timing is right. I will be at Big Star Lake near Baldwin for the summer starting after Memorial day. I am a new trike owner/rider after years of missing riding and a anxiously awaiting warm weather.
  • We are still interested in this, we will be doing PALM June 18-24th and would not mind doing it before that, but we are open to any time in the summer. We are fine with riding roads. What ever is easier food wise. I quess depending on what places there are to eat on the ride would determine how to handle the food. If we could get SAG that would be great. If we got enough people to ride and could not find a SAG I would be willing to volunteer. I do get a fair amount of riding time so if this would help others to go I will be the SAG person. Camp Grounds are filling fast for the summer we really need to let Brian know so that we can find some dates that will work.
  • I am still planning this. I will look at my calendar today and picks a few weekends and we can make something work.
    If it's just a few of us I'm thinking roads is going to be best just because of food enroute kinda of thing. As for the sag I think we can find someone.. The pace will be the slowest rider sets the pace kind of thing. Please keep al thoughts coming. Any ideas. I'm also open to routes as well..

    I will be taking the trike. Now I just need to see about a 26" rear wheel upgrade..
  • I might be able to drive a car -
    If the wife lets me....
    I have small car - trunk & back seat only.
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