Treasure Valley, Payette, ID or Ontario, OR Trike Clubs/Groups?

  Am over nearer the Ontario, OR side of things. Seen a few trikes in Weiser, a few in Boise. Are there any avid recumbent trike clubs or groups in the areas near Payette, ID or so?



  • should be able to help.
  • Doesn't look like they have anything in our area. :(

    ¬ ITL
  •   Has anyone ridden a TerraTrike anything down the Weiser River Trail yet?

      Weiser River National Recreation Trail

      Did a ride down the trail in 2013 on a Rockhopper, was a perty nice ride, around 6 to 8 MPH all the way down to the flats 20 miles outside of Council. At the time I didn't venture any further down to Weiser. Joined up with the Friends of the Weiser River Trail for a year. Had planned on joining again though had a bought with a Brundage mountain bike trail the resulted in my breaking a shoulder, so haven't been out on any trails since.
      Now have a Rover and wishing there was some trails around our area to ride. There is a very short trail in Payette, ID abut you just about get somewhere and have to turn back around.

      Would do like to ride the full length of the American River Bike Trail again, but I'm not going back to California for anything! Was a nice 89 mile round trip from North Sacramento to Folsom.

      Guess Boise has the Greenbelt bike trail. Unsure what it's like.

    ¬ ITL
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