Boom Mount compatible for Versa Bars?

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  Does anyone know if the Boom Mount can fit on the Versa Bars, or if it can be mounted using spacer material or tape?  :)



  • The boom mount should fit the versa bars as they are both the same diameter.
    There is no need to just look at TT for accessory mounts. I mainly use Ram Mount. You can go to their web site,, find what you want and then get them from Amazon. All Ram Mounts are lifetime guaranteed too.
    I'll have to try and gather some info and pics on how my Rambler is set up. I may even be able to offer some suggestions for the Rover.
    Among other things I have extensive experience with metal fabrication and welding.
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      Well... the handlebar mount broke on me, didn't even get to use it. And with the Versa bars there's no use for it due to its smaller mounting ring.

      Sent in a Customer Service request to see if I could get the part replaced with the Boom Mount, if the Boom Mount would fit over a Versa Bar. This wold offer me a horizontal mount to place a headlight and I'd be able to have up/down adjustment along with side-to-side. Currently it is hanging upside-down from the Versa Bar and I cannot adjust it up or down.


      The Mirrycle is not tightened in case I run into something, or in this case folding it up to carry through the door. So the Boom Mount can sit up and over to one side, and I've already paid for the other mount - and since this is the same cost figured I'd only be out shipping.

      Other aluminum mounts would be great if the priced were more in my current bracket of affordability.
  • Here's a site with a wide variety of mounting brackets.  They might have what you need.
  • Look on ebay for the Nob computer mount.
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      TerraTrike CS said one would have to "shim it rather aggressively to fit it on the Versabar." So that's a no, the Boom Mount won't fit on the Versa Bars without shimming it aggressively.

      Was looking for a replacement clamp was all. Thanks.  :)
  •   TT CS is awesome! They did find a clamp that will work with the Handlebar Mount to the Versa Bars. B-)
  • @IdahoTrailLizard don't leave us all in suspense - can you link to what they told you to buy?
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      Inquired if the Boom Mount would work on the Versa Bars, as I had to room on the wider handlebars left over.

      TT stated they don't have any other size clamps for those handlebar mounts to fit the versa bars. They do have a bigger clamp that's meant for a boom, but one would have to shim it rather aggressively to get it to fit it on a Versa bar.

      Gave it some thought... relayed back to them there's not much of any place I can put the bracket (due to its smaller clamp size) on Wide Handlebars. My thighs get up close to the bars, so anything sticking over might pose an issue, even when getting in or out. Is why I queried if the Boom Mount would fit on the Versa Bars. Since TT said the Boom Mount would not attach as I was hoping, was left with no other option than to get the replacement part.
      But... what can I do to reinforce that part of bracket?

      Replied back that I would rummage through spare bicycle parts and see if I can find a clamp to fit the Versa Bars, or pester the LBS' for their spare parts bucket.
      Have a spare CatEye clamp on hand, though was too big. Cold use PVC or something to fill the gap, but it was an option. Used to have way more parts on hand at one time.

      TT Taylor replied with... Good news!!  You talking about LBS's spare parts got me to thinking about where we might hide some around here, so I did some digging and found a clamp that will work with the Versa bars!  He would get that & the other piece sent out. - Of course I offered to pay for the extra clamp and shipping.

      So as to what clamp it is I cannot say. So I'll be in as much suspense as you till it arrives, then I can post what I find and how it fits. :P
  • Love those guys at TT! They came through for me when I broke the quickclamp on the seat bracket.
  •   How one earth did you manage to break a seat clamp?? Oh, you must have one of them round tubed trikes?
  • Nope. Rover. Trying to force it closed when it was too tight.
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    Sweet Lord, watch the youtube videos by SA Triker. Triking around s australia with his wife. Dude just hit 60kph on one downhill road, then passed a cop who laughed his ass off! (It was a 50kph limit road).
  •   You know... my Rover feels funny at 18 MPH, cannot imagine anyone going any higher speed. Maybe it's that I'm not used to the weird handlebar setup, but man... I seen a guy with an electric motor doing 45+ MPH and the I was like ... one bump, one flat, you're history fella. Don't even think a motorcycle helmet could help then.
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      37!!! But how much experience have you had on your rig?

      I did about 35 on a Brike. Not sure if anyone remembers the Brike that came out in the 90's? It had two rear wheels slanted inwards, and you leaned to steer. Extremely low central pivot point, was like 3 inches off the ground. Was single speed too.
      Came down out of Folsom onto the American River Bike Trail. Picked up a lot of speed rather quick like and tried my best to take that corner, which I kinda did okay, it was the switch back onto the road that got me and I found bushes and a chainlink fence. Brike and I came out okay, my buddy almost crashed too cause he was laughing so hard.
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      Okay, new Versa Bar Mount arrived today. Installed the nylon mounting bar after taking photos.

      Side 1

      Side 2

      Right out of the package, didn't even turn a screw, the mount slipped on snug. So I might have to put a thin shim in - unsure as there is just a smidgen of room there to tighten down on. Still is a good-to-go item! :)
  •   Hmm... this looks familiar... United Bicycle Supply 25.4-26.8mm Reflector Clamp Assembly, Item # YF-B3 - doesn't show a price but there is a part.

  • @IdaoTrailLizard, there's teeth on the similar assembly from TT - no teeth on the Reflector Clamp Assembly you found. Although that might not matter . . . .
  • You do know you can walk/ride into almost any lbs and find a better "extra bar and mount" that does the exact same thing in all aluminum, right?
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      Not around this area. Everything has to be ordered. Maybe if I went to the Boise which is about 60 miles down the highway (one way). Picked up a cheap sliding micrometer so I can measure before ordering. And I did not know beforehand that these parts from TT were made of plastic. Actually thought they were aluminum when I ordered.

      "Description: This handy accessory mount can be installed in multiple locations on the handle bar of your TerraTrike. Perfect for accessories like computers, bells, horns, etc. Compatible with all TerraTrikes, but best used on the Rover, Rambler, or Sportster models."

      Even the two comments say it's a must have item and it is durable. No mention of the materials. A new buyer won't know this beforehand. /grin   When it broke it was already paid for, so options were limited.
      TerraTrike has been great in their responses and willingness to help.

      When looking at recommendations of other parts they are even more expensive. A lot don't say anything about dimensions, clamp sizes, and such. Like @Peanut's flags & mounts ~ those are $35 a pop! Yikes!
      I'm barely making it most months, though sacrifice eating for a goody or two at times if it's benefit to my health in the long run.  :)
  •   Versa Bars are 26mm in width
  • Nice to know
  •   That Handlebar Mount converted to Versa Bar does wiggle with a Bontrager Ion 800 R headlight on it. Best to set the headlamp more center. It worked out great! Am definitely wanting a light on the other Versa Bar, especially when your main light's charge goes red half way into the ride.
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