Seat Bag & Under Seat/Luggage Rack Pack

  Anyone have any photos of the TT seat bag? Cannot really see it in any of TT's photo.

  Also, has anyone found a pack that can sit in behind the lower seat & under the luggage rack support area above the boom? That triangular section there of empty space. Seems like that area could be utilized for some sort of storage, extra tubes, lunch, something.



  • The seat bag was in all of my pics, too - you probably never noticed it because it really is unobtrusive. I think the only time it would be annoying is when trying to mount a TT headrest system, and even then you just lift it off, mount the system, then put it back. It has grommet holes to match the existing seat, so that's not an issue either - flag poles, etc just go through the bag grommet and then the seat grommet without any fuss or notice.

    After adding that rack to my trike, the seat bag's best use IMHO is a hydration bag holder. I put a backpacking hydration bag in there and clip the water tube to the top of the seat, with the mouthpiece on my chest.

    @Elrique64, the wider seat will effect steering radius, won't it? The current seat annoys my thighs after a while, but my plan is to make liberal use of pool float tubes to soften all that up (and also create lumbar support) rather than spend big bucks on a small bit of alloy tubing and mesh (wider seat).

    I originally wanted a wider seat, and made a post here asking if anyone wanted to trade, but @jamesr suggested I wait until I'd had a chance to lose weight by riding it, so I did. Instead, I've gained weight, but I think that's muscle . . . plus I'm also quitting smoking at the same time, which always adds weight.
  •   Read a post here about someone rolling their Rover over cause of the wider seat. Now two of you regulars posted it was probably due to tires - but I did read of this issue in other places too. So do be careful on them wider seats.

      For me I'll deal with the thigh pokings. It's not uncomfortable (yet) and a wider seat is rather expensive. Might try pool noodles or using paracord to weave an underseat. And my preliminary results of laying back more rather than sitting upright is proving higher performance. Imagine that. :-O

    ¬ ITL
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    If I lean back farther, I'll need a headrest.
  •   When I had mine back, the Jandd pack was expanded and had the lightbar raised - could of went to sleep if I had a blanket. Helmet rested against the pack & lightbar.

    ¬ ITL
  • Honestly, blaming the seat was a bit silly. The only way the seat could have been a factor is if the rider was failing to lean properly into turns. It they leaned away from the turn, in theory the extra width would let them put their weight out even farther, destabilizing things even more than before. 

    It's also possible that the narrower seat made them feel like they were falling out during fast turns, and naturally leaned into the turn to compensate. They then felt safer on the wider seat and didn't lean in.

    If a driver rolls over with the wider seat and not the normal one, it means they were already pushing it in terms of rollover safety and need to learn proper riding.

    In any case, the real problem is driver caused. (Assuming nothing else had changed as well.)

    - PaulNM
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