Deluxe Fender Set (Front) w/ Wide Handlebars & 20" Road Cruiser tires

  Anyone have any experience with the Deluxe Fenders for a Rover with Wide handlebars. Mine came with Schwalbe [Active] Road Cruiser tires, 30 to 65 PSI, 20x1.75 size.

  Is there enough room to use the wide handlebars that are extended nearly all the way out, might have less than an inch of clearance to the tire? No hurry in getting a set, yet. But was giving it some thought tonight, and though might be a good hand guard when cruising down the road with hands dangling for circulation breaks or just to feel free.

  Not overly concerned with the back tire/wheel as have a luggage rack back there, and if need be I can use some plastic material and zip ties to block what would hit the seat. Though it won't be nearly as classy it should do fine. ~ Though I do have a 26 inch set for the Rockhopper laying somewhere around in storage ... could probably alter the rear one although it came in white.



  • Look at the post "Easy front fenders" here on the forum. I have the wide handlebars and came up with these instead of the deluxe fenders.
  •   Thanks, will look for it. ;)

    ¬ ITL
  • I believe the deluxe fender set will work fine with your handlebars. But give TerraTrike a quick call. They are always friendly and good about answering any questions I have.
  •   Forget trying to search this forum for "easy front fenders" ... use Google instead. LOL

    ¬ ITL
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      Hmm... looked at the TT Deluxe Front Fender installation manual and I don't feel confident messing with the brake pads.

    ¬ ITL
  •   Watched a video on it for another trike and is seems fairly less complicated. Sort of wishing I had a trike stand to get the Rover up at a more manageable height to work on.

    ¬ ITL
  •   Debating, $100 for plastic fenders. The ones I had on the Rockhopper had a thin metal core and they were really flexible. ~ Maybe I'll have to wait and see as how wet I get. Though I'm planning on riding to church next Saturday, and were' supposed to get wet.
      Would be the last upgrade save the Joby Smartphone mount if I can swing it.

    ¬ ITL
  • The Zoom can be very precisely adjusted, you're just turning an allen wrench. The biggest differences between the Zoom and brakes seen in the video are:

    1: The Zoom only adjusts the two brake pads and cable. There's no angle adjustment mechanism. (If you need to adjust the angle of the entire brake, then there's something wrong with your brake disc or mount IMHO.)

    2: The adjustment hex holes are entirely internal, there are no external red discs like in the video.

    One gotcha on the Zoom is the external fixed pad. There's a large hex hole that's really meant for removing the pad, not adjusting it. The adjusting hole is smaller and inside the larger one.

    - PaulNM
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