Tour II Gone?

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Hope nobody planned on ordering a Tour II. Saw a post on facebook from someone saying it's been scrubbed from the site, and they're right. This sub-forum is still here, but it's not on the product or store pages anymore.


- PaulNM


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      Link is there, cannot order one as it's been discontinued. Maybe there's another model coming out to rival the GS Magnum?  :D

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  • Yeah, the page is still there but there doesn't seem to be anything else linking to it. You pretty much have to know the URL.

    Still, I'm surprised at how suddenly they dropped it. I would have expected more of a phasing out where it was "discontinued" but still selling off old stock.

    I wonder if the supplier dried up on them and they're reserving what's on hand for replacements/repairs/parts?

    - PaulNM
  • I think it's a bad move to discontinue it.
  • If this is the way they do things, it's making me think more and more of a Magnum as my next tadpole.

    Service has been very nice (thanks Taylor!) But dropping their only 'long-haul in comfort' vertical handlebar linkage steering trike before they have a replacement is like telling a large set of customers "hey, fuck off, we don't want your business".

    It's not even in the darned News page of the site. I would expect a full article explaining it and what comes next.
  • I agree. I agree.

    Wonder if TT as a whole is on its way out?
  • Minor correction regarding links: It's not in the list when you hover over "Products" at the top of virtually every page, with the exception of the forums. It still shows up here.

    Was anyone around when they phased out the Cruiser/Sport/Tour/etc? I don't think the forums were around back then, but I am curious how it was handled on the site.

    The Tour II was a bit of an odd duck in the lineup, so it's not completely shocking that they'd eventually want to drop it. That said, it did fill an important niche for TT fans. If I ever had to replace my Rover, I'd want something with a higher bottom bracket relative to the seat, and vertical handlebars. The Sportster barely comes close to the Tour II, and is way more expensive.  The Tour II also rivaled KMX's models (the closest in general configuration) in price and quality.

    I go back and forth on whether dropping it makes business sense for TT, but then again I'm not the one with their sales/costs numbers. :) On the one hand they can focus on the core type of trike they've been providing, on the other they lose a good part of their market.

    I do agree with anyone dismayed at the communication here. I'm 99% confident that there's no new model replacing the Tour II, those tend to get announced in advance. (Remember how long we heard about the Traveler?) New models are major news, and will get shown at conferences to boost visibility.

    There really should have been an announcement they were dropping the model, while assuring people they would continue to keep enough frames/parts around for servicing/repairs/etc. I'm still wondering whether there was a sudden supply issue, either from the supplier or discovering the last batch had major flaws.

    I still trust TT and know they'll stand by the existing sales and orders. But this looks really bad to anyone without a good history with TT, especially if they just bought a Tour II. 

    - PaulNM

  • I don't think TT is on the way out. I do believe they're trying to be smarter and more focused on what they do and offer. What's the one thing they do *really* well? Build inexpensive, yet good quality, trikes that cater to those who like a higher more upright ride. The Rover and Rambler by far are their highest sales.

    A number of other manufacturers have a model with similar frames, but nowhere near the cost. TT is pretty much your only option if you're new to trikes and need something for rehabilitation and/or something to work with a number of disabilities.  People in those circumstances aren't able/willing to spend several grand on what may well be a failed experiment.

    - PaulNM
  •   Maybe they'll have a closeout of inventory sale, or donate them to veterans/disabled people in need.

    ¬ ITL
  • Yeah, I initiated that post in the TT forum in the hopes that someone might have more news, but so far it's all theories
  • If you look at the explosion in trike offerings, and consider the reports that the 2016 trike market has been 'flat', it is reasonable to expect there is going to be some shakeout in manufacturers/ distributors. If that mean TT or any other manufacturers rationalizing their offerings, isn't that normal. After all long term you'd better be profitable.

    What I really wonder at, is all the "premium" offerings that are appearing at 'premium' prices. Undoubtedly these are fine pieces of machinery, but how big is that market?  A $1000 trike is still a lot of money for most consumers vs $100 bike at Walmart. What I wonder about is when/if the offshore -Chinese - manufacturers will flood the market with an inexpensive trike at a price point that will shock the market (Rover a few years back) or with features that are currently pricey. Look what's happening with e-assist bikes. How does a '$1500 e-assist Rover or Rambler' sound?
  • I know HPVELOTEKNIK is fairly new, but I'm not sure about ICE, and Greenspeed has been around since the 90's. Is this the explosion?
  • Guess the answer is how many Tour 2 have they sold ?
    Terratrike over the years has eliminated a bunch of models either due to poor sales or replaced by an newer improved model.
    I own a Zoomer that was bought from terratrike after it was discontinued and built from leftover and improved parts.
  • The market is small and the need for lots of options is smaller yet. After all the discussion how many people ordered the derailleur post ? Four maybe.
  • Forums like this and Bent Rider are really great as our community is so small and widely scattered, getting information would be very difficult face to face. There are so few dealers, relatively speaking and many of us do not live close to an lbs that stocks or services trikes. When I first discovered trikes last year I was certain the market was set to continue expanding rapidly. Now I'm not so sure.

    The hot new market now appears to be ebikes and though many of the kits can be fairly easily adapted to trikes, there is little discussion on that segement compared to  the bike kits or complete ebikes. That market is talking about millions annually in Europe and hundreds of thousands in NA with the newest 'flavour' being the torque sensor mid mounts comparable to Shimano or Bosch that have a special mounting bracket that is not standard BB compatible.

    Bafang has a whole group of new products only being offered as OEM kits so far. There are a whole group of e-assist forums, that are focused mostly on ebikes, but great sources of info on e assist that are generally not as widely addressed on this or Bent Rider. Very interesting reading.

    The 'explosion' in bargain trike models I was referring to are the offerings one sees if you google beyond our long time established manufacturers to some of the offshore, ebay, and alibaba sites. There are quite a few 'generic' trikes. Google them if interested how many.
  • Tour 2 and Sportster would appeal to more riders if they had a low seat like Zoomer and and others, Carrie etc.
    Keep the Rover, Rambler and Travler the high seat models.
    There are plenty of riders for each configuration.
  • I'm a FOG at 350 pounds and I want a low seat and linkage steering. I can get that with a Magnum. But for the money, I can stick with my Rover and continue with my plans to make it a 24 speed hill climber.
  • Jrobiso2 I hear ya brother. Now if TT did make a wider wheel based, with lower seating for us FOG, with lower and higher gearing, linkage steering, and increased the capacity to our specs am sure many others would join in. Guess some manufacturer's are bringing in suspension on their models.

      Would like to commute on my TT if I could keep other people's hands off it. Even around here people steal the seats off bicycles - lack of discipline & respect. So there's the other part of the equation, since only a handful of companies give their cycling employees outdoor lockers for their bicycles I don't think a triker could park theirs safely inside.

      Kaiser Permanente, in North Sacramento (off Morse Ave) was THE ONLY facility that implemented cycling lockers. Now saying I was the innovator, or part thereof, but I worked for Duber Security in Sacramento and my station of duty was that Kaiser hospital - was a relief shift supervisor.
      When my car started having wheel bearing issues I had limited tools and ran it for as long as I could. Wanted to keep my job, could not afford another car, I financed in a $1200 Specialized Rockhopper. Had flashing LEDs on front and back, eventually got a Night Sun system installed - 10 watt low beam, 30 watt high.
      Since I was supervisor & security I parked my bicycle indoors. Others saw me as trying to stay fit, but I was really only riding to keep my job - but I could not risk parking a $1200 MTB (back in the early '90s) outside.
      Soon others started riding more noticeably. The hospital administrator came in early one night and asked why I parked my MTB inside the office. Explained my security reasons. A couple of months later lockers were put on the premises on a FCFS basis - and an explosion of cyclists came out of the woodwork!
      Even when I got my car fixed a few months down the road I started riding more, to work, on the American River Bike Trail, and just about everywhere except when I had to lock my cycle up. I don't trust bicycle racks, though there are very few of those around and most placed don't know how to properly put one in, what materials to use, and most importantly don't use teir heads in what locations to put them.

      So with the above scenario applied today, 75% or more business around my area in Idaho/Oregon do not have bicycle racks. Even the city offices, court house, and LEO officer have no bicycle racks.

      I'd luv to work for a place I can ride my trike to every day, and have a safe place to secure it while working. So when trikes cost $1200 on up people don't ride to many places they cannot safely secure their rigs to, so the popularity drops.

      Would think trikes would catch on here if employers would think of their employees more then their own profit. Healthier & happier employees make for better performance.

    ¬ ITL
  •   So far only A&W & Jimbo's Chinese Restaurant will cater to cyclists in our area. The others won't allow drive throughs nor have any bicycle racks. Businesses don't think outside the box when it comes to their potential customers. - Jimbo's will use the delivery method but bring your food out to you when you arrive/wait. I've had car hop service at A&W on my Rover. :)

    ¬ ITL
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    I was looking at purchasing a TT Traveler that I could fold and put inside my Prius V (the biggest Prius, looks like a mini SUV... sort of) when my wife & I go traveling each winter for a couple of months. Since we typically put on 5-6,000 mile each winter (we live in Michigan and typically visit New Mexico, Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona, Houston Texas,  Alabama, Florida, and Illinois, to visit friends and family, and a few other places specifically to see birds. My plan was to wait until TT decided to add suspension to the traveler, as I was led to believe that doing so might be in the cards. At a TT event this year I spoke to to their CEO, Mike Kessenich, who was very approachable and spoke with me for about 20 minutes. He told me TT had no foreseeable plans to add suspension to any of their trikes and no plans to build a new model trike with suspension. 

    While I feel fairly confident that they will change that position (or perish) at some point in the next few years, having ridden a good suspension trike this summer, I can't imagine ever buying another trike without suspension.

    I purchased a used Rover this past June and I have absolutely loved it. I hope to add electric assist to it this winter and make it a trike for my wife... so she can keep up with me. With TT's lack of suspension plans for any TT trike anytime soon, I plan to sell a big camera lens and buy either a Catrike 559 or Catrike's new Dumont. The Dumont is worth roughly the same $ amount as my Sigmonster (Sigma) 300-800mm. I hope to test drive a Dumont soon... just hope I like it as much as I think I will, but not too much more, so that it makes me start to drool. 

    I'm a guy who tends to be loyal to the companies I do business with, and I will continue to keep and support my TT Rover through TerraTrike... might even (probably) add a tandem extension to it. But when it is time to buy a new trike for my wife, if TT still has no trike that folds and has suspension, I will be looking elsewhere.

    If anyone here is hot to have a 2015 Tour II, there is one for sale on eBay for $750. There was two of them 48 hours ago, so don't wait too long!
  • Have you tried Big Apple, Big Ben, or similar tires? Some people have described them as suspension-like, especially when pumped to mid-range. 

    - PaulNM
  • Relax everyone.
    TerraTrike isn't "on their way out".
    The truth is that the TourII has not been a strong seller for years and the only model in our lineup that hasn't been updated. It's been in the pipeline to discontinue it for a while and we've finally sold out of them, so now was the time.

    As for the future of the TourII, I'm not at liberty to discuss the future, but read into what I said above and be ready for something BIG in the Spring/Summer!

    It's all good.
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretsky
  • @chonk some of us love vertical handlebars and even linkage steering. Just putting it out there.
  • ICE has e-trikes pre-built in their lineup, and I think catrike and Greenspeed do as well. An option on their more upright models IIRC.
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    Not sure what exactly to make of Chonk's comments above... but I am encouraged by them. I am glad he still checks out the fourm from time to time... IT WOULD BE GREAT IF TERRATRIKE ACTUALLY HAD STAFF - OR EVEN A SINGLE STAFF PERSON - PARTICIPATE ON THE FORUM ON A REGULAR BASIS.

    Sorry to scream so loud to everyone, I just wanted it to be "loud" enough for the entire TerraTrike staff team to hear. Just seems like good customer service to me.

    As for trying to add what I'll call "soft suspension" as suggested by PaulNM, I have heard that adding both Big Apple tires (inflated to ~50-60%), a foam seat pad inserted (TerraTrike makes a nice if pricey ($35) one), and a Ventist "comfort" pad (the one that is 3cm (1.18 inches) thick) on top of the seat can make a real big difference. I haven't yet added more than the foam pad seat insert, which alone made a noticeable difference. I plan to have all three by spring 2017 on the Rover. I'll report back once I have some real world experience on the trio. I probably should mention that the Ventist pads are a nylon type weave (somewhat like a kitchen scrubby) and it allows for good air flow even on solid seats!

    TT CEO Mike has some interesting ideas on sales and marketing. He told me that they don't like to announce specific things in the pipeline (like improvements on next years model improvements/changes) as he fears it might negatively impact current stock and upset dealers. Catrike has taken the exact opposite approach. 3 years ago they announced they were working on a new trike that would be completely redesigned from the ground up that would have all wheel suspension, fold, and compete at the higher end of trikes. This has had the effect of building a ground swell of excitement around the product. Before it was ever released hundreds were preordered by dealers for their customers. In the end, the Dumont Catrike ($4k+) was in development and testing for 3.5 years before being released last month.

    Time will tell which approach works best. I do know that my former marketing professor would be on the side of the 3+ year ground swell approach and up front honest communication with customers. Go figure! I just wonder how many potential customers will move on to other brands rather than waiting to hear something positive from TerraTrike.
  • Well, he did say they'd have news in the spring. I guess that's only 4 months away, as spring officially starts in March, right?

    I my not agree with the whole "3 year build up" approach, but having/announcing the replacement before/during the removal of the Tour II would have been a better approach, IMHO.
  • Damn you @jamesr ! I have no real money to offer for your Rambler (at least none I can slip by the wife). You've got what, 2 Rovers and a Rambler and now you make me even more green with envy by grabbing a Tour II.

  • Hey what sprocket guard did you order?
  • I can't trade, as the Rover is required for my fat ass. If I could steal a Rambler it would be for the wife. And I'd have to steal it.
  • She rides a cruiser DF and doesn't show any desire to ride a trike, although she had a blast on my Rover when I got her to try it.

    My real goal is to get us side by side on trikes. It sucks trying to ride with a person on a df.
  • @TrikeBirder I have to respectfully disagree with wanting staff to regularly be on the forums. It used to be that way, but then slowly changed to what it is now. The current state is a little more normal, most companies use forums as a way for customers/fans to help themselves.

    Knowing that a staff member is around and frequently reachable by forum members in a publicly viewable way has led me to censor myself in the past. Not because I was afraid of them, but because I didn't want to to put a poor staff member in a corner from other members asking them to comment. TT has pretty much always been open, but there are time when they (as any business should) have to be careful with what they say about third parties.

    On the other hand, I will admit having staff on here has been helpful in the past. A great example is the thread detailing the parts and costs needed to convert a Rover 3 to Rover 8, either external or internal. There is some info that isn't obviously available, and it's nice to have that searchable.

    -- PaulNM  
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