Rover 8 purchase questions

Any fellow Canucks in Ontario have a Rover?
Did you purchase direct through Terra Trike or a local dealer, and where? What was the total cost with duties, if you had it shipped, or, how much from a Canadian dealer?
Last but not least, how do you like your bike,



  • I bought my TerraTrike Rover 8 in December and finally picked it up last week from Hamilton Trike and Bent (Cora set everything up for me.).

    I'm located in Ottawa and intend to use it when it warms up as a commuter vehicle.

    I've done a couple of test drives and must say I like the way it drives and its comfort.

    I've already managed to get my leg caught under the trike (1 almost serious, 3 close calls), so now I have clipless shoes and pedals. Let me just say I went with Shimano clipless with a good shoe, but the difference is amazing, and I don't need to be constantly on the ready for a foot drop. (At speed it just happens way too fast) I was lucky I was not injured, just a bump and some cold feet and a tired rider were the cause.

    Done close to 60 km on it so far.

    I think I'll be moving the water bottle, I just don't like how its mounted, besides I need at least two bottles or a bigger container.

    I've also added a computer so I can monitor my speed/distance.

    Riding in deeper snow, not really a great idea at least with these tires.



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    Thanks Mike.
    If you don't mind my asking, how much was the bike in total, and what kind of computer did you get for speed/mileage, and how much was that?
    Thanks, G
  • I guess since you posted on April 2015 that you got your Rover?!?
    I just ordered a 2017 Rover  from Cora at Hamilton Trike & Bent and it cost me $2550. Cdn with the .74 cents US$ exchange!
  •   I live near Ontario ... Oregon. Does that count?

    ¬ ITL
  • I'm in Beaverton, Oregon... not much chance of snow here... though over the weekend I was on the East side of the mountains... lots of snow there!

    I just purchased a Rover (used), and started riding in earnest... I too switched to clipless shoes... and clip-in pedals (though one side can be used with regular shoes). Still getting used to them, never used 'em before. My feet feel as they are on ice when not properly clipped in!. But when clipped in, the confidence level goes way up, no stress!

    I found that I could use my saddle bags from the upright bike - both sides have water bottle holders... so I'm going to add a sort-of derailleur-post-like-thing to the front accessory bar with a cross piece to hold a pair of headlights... will be able to mount a computer there. Plan on having a method to rotate it 90 degrees to making getting in and out of the seat easier. (I'll post when it's done...)
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