Montana now has a new Trike.

To my knowledge, due to medical issues, I am the FIRST veteran to receive a regular recumbent bike from the VA in the entire state of Montana.
There have been amputees and other disabled vets to get custom made modified bikes before me. Thanks to the VA for this tool to help me get outside and on the road a bit more. There are NO retailers who sell these in Montana. Now to wait for riding weather.

My closest retailer was a 4 hour drive to Post Falls Idaho....North Western Recumbent. Gary is navy Veteran. Tell him I said "Sorry" about being in the Navy. :-)


  • So glad you figured this process out.  There have been several other veterans on here searching for how to get it done.

    Enjoy your trike.  We all do!
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      Closest I got to help was a cheap chinese-made pedaller that you sit in a chair and spin around. Never could get the thing tight enough to do any good. That was the VA's idea of an indoor trainer.

      Could really use an indoor trainer for the Rover, though at $200 + shipping the VA won't go for it unless I could come up with an insurance policy that would cover the expense. Which perty much means it would be cheaper of I bought it myself.

      When I talked to the doc he said sure, I can write the prescription for one but you'll never get it filled. Congratulations on getting the VA to get you one!

    ¬ ITL
  • Ask your doc to write the script for 4-8 weeks of PT 3 days per week... OR, a $200 indoor trainer for your trike that you use 3 times per week for 8-20m weeks.  ;)
  • I used to live in Billings, and I do miss it. Hope you are some where you can put some miles on.
  • Where in Montana... I am in Belgrade.
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