8 Day ride in July

An 8 day escorted ride with hotels, luggage carriers, etc. Enjoy!


  • DALMAC is similar. There's also a annual west coast ride. Not sure on the start but goes through T.C., Char., Petoskey, Harbor Springs and ends in Mac City.
  • DALMAC has many routes. The western routes are very hilly, while I'm told the eastern are less so. Jeanette (from the Mich Recumbent Riders FB group) breathes thru a neck tube and has other issues, and she's done an eastern route
  • The super-ambitious teenager in me says to do the July 8-day ride and then do DALMAC in August.

    The fat old man in me is screaming at the teenager and being ignored. Teenagers never listen.
  • :) :)) :-bd =D> :-c
  • My wife's only question was "is your life insurance paid up?"

    Then she said "if you feel a heart attack coming on, please steer into oncoming traffic. I get more money if you die in an accident".

    Isn't it wonderful to be loved?
  • She's thinking about her future.
    :D ;)
  • Make sure she's in front of you during the ride.  She may push you into that oncoming traffic.  You must be worth more dead than alive!
  • PALM Pedal Across Lower Michigan is a good ride. Family oriented.
  • @Florida_bound I hope your knees are coming along well. I want to scream at you for being in nice weather, but I can't tease a recovering person. How long must I wait before commencing a good tease?
  • Maybe a month.  I go back to the orthopedic doctor in early January.
  • Then expect much wailing and knashing of teeth from us northerners in a month, then
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