How to transport Zoomer?

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I am wondering how you all transport your zoomer?
Is there a way to break it down so it fits in a smaller area?
Is there a carrier made for it?



  • I have a 2000Toyota Sienna Minivan and I can fold down the seats and put my Cruiser on top of them or I can remove the 2 rear seats and it sits diagonally on the floor. Also, if I am transporting my wife's road bike, I tip the bench seat forward and both of them fit on the floor.
  • Besides the obvious SUV/Hatchback/Mini Van solution, We have the hitch racks (ours and Alpaca) and we also use a standard Saris bike rack.
    See the photos on this page: ... d_102.html
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  • I have a Zoomer and all I use is a standred bike rack that straps on to the trunk of the car. To use it just rotate the zoomer 90 deg so it sits on the rack on it's side. I use the two tie downs on the holder arms and the left front tire i put a velcro tie down around the tire for added security.
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