Front fenders making rattling sound

My 2016 Tour II front fenders are driving me crazy with rattling noises. I equate quality with lack of noise. I have tried retightening with Loctite, lock washers, and changing screw types. There is also noise coming from the rivets, which I covered with electrical tape. Nothing worked.
I am ready to remove the front fenders. Any down side to not using front fenders?
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  • Water and debris flying in the air.
  • Underarms covered in wet yuck?
  • Clothes covered in little dark spots.
  • Rivets were not fastened tight enough. Take fender off and smack the rivet gently to seat it tighter
  • Or tie nylon thread in between rivets and material, looping around as many times and you can. Tie, and heat close. Perhaps use a sealant afterwards.

    ¬ ITL
  • I don't know whether you have the standard or deluxe fenders, my experience is with the deluxe. The standards aren't in the web store anymore, so I can't show you photos. The standard uses a thick silver wire to attach the fender to the frame. The deluxe uses thicker metal black tubes and are stiffer.

    I'm disappointed in their quality, especially considering how much they cost. The biggest issue is the arms don't really bolt onto the fender or wheel mount plate. There's a thin metal tab that sticks into the arm, which the screw threads in. The tab is flimsy and easily stripped. You can use a nut and bolt instead, but it won't stop the rattle because the set isn't held together from the outside. The metal tab and fender will still slide around on the bolt/screw. In the end I removed.the front fenders and left the (very solid) rear fender on my Rover.

    If you don't ride in inclement weather or muddy conditions, then doing without the front fenders should be fine. Depending on your speed, you might get stuff occasionally hitting your arms. 

    - PaulNM
  • Thanks everyone for your responses, I have something new to work on, if these fail then I rip them off.
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