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I did have plans to get a Tour II. Rode one last fall at dealer & it felt like it was made for me. Barb got a Rover Nuvinci last spring & 2017 was to be my year for a trike. Discovered end of last year Tour II did not exist anymore. Had all winter to research and found the HP Gekko felt exactly like a Tour  II when I sat on one at the dealer and it is available w/ a 26" rear wheel, which is what I really wanted anyway. Only drawback was I wanted made in USA like Terratrike. Looked at Catrikes and decided on Expedition. Current owners feel the non adjustable seat is a good compromise between the upright seat models and the laid down racers. As soon as my dealer gets an Expedition in, I will be able to test ride that and a Gekko back to back and make my decision. Terratrike is out of the running for me. It doesn't look like they intend to replace it at all. I have watched the website all winter.


  • One of TT's people who occasionally comments in the forums said to watch for an announcement in the Spring. We're not quite into spring yet, so . . . .
  • How do they rank in pricing?
  • Gekko 26 about $2300 (similar to Tour II GT) Expedition a little more at $2550. However the Expedition comes standard w/ 1 mirror and a rear fender and flag. Little things maybe, but a few things I would not have to buy myself.
  • I think you should wait to see what Terra Trike has to anounce but you can always look into Trident Trikes out of North carolina 
  • @AZThanks, I believe the Trident Trike line is entirely manufactured and assembled in Asia. They are however, a US company. This is similar to our own TerraTrike, with one possible excemtion. I believe that The Sportster was assembled in Michigan, but I'm not sure if it still is assembled there. Only Catrike manufactures in the US, but most components, though sourced in the US, are mostly Asian in origin. Utah Trikes has recently started selling a trike they call their own, but I don't know if they assemble them in Utah or not. But there is something to be said for brand loyality, so I would try and find out more precisely when TerraTrike plans to make their announcement.
  • TT's trikes are built overseas and assembled in the U.S. They're assembled in MI if you order online, or by the shop you purchase them from.

    - PaulNM
  • Whatever I buy I always look to see where it's made and consider it a victory if the country is any place but China. Somewhere I read that Taiwan  does a bunch of trike and bike frames. 
  • Going from memory, I think TT frames are built in either Taiwan or Thailand. (Something with a T.)

    - PaulNM
  • It's Taiwan.  One of their promotional videos shows to ladies riding around inside their warehouse.  They pass a stack of trike boxes and you can plainly see Taiwan.  Many high-end bicycles are made there.  I think it's one of their big industries.
  • Greenspeed also switched to having their frames made in Taiwan.

    Interesting note: when they switched from a US steel supplier to the Taiwan company, the frames were 30% less strong and they got complaints of fracturing from customers. They tested the steel and found that while the Taiwan company was providing steel tubes that matched the required specs, the US company had been giving them steel 30% stronger than they had asked for, for all those years. They had to increase the spec to get the better steel from the Taiwan company.

    Sometimes it just doesn't pay to go with the cheap overseas producer after all.
  •   Wished could afford the Greenspeed Magnum. Instead am in the slow lane on the Rover. :)

      The Aussies.... gotta learn the hard way...

    ¬ ITL
  • you wouldn't be any faster riding the Greenspeed. Quit complaining.
  •   Probably be more comfortable in the seat. :P

    ¬ ITL
  • Greenspeed models fold. All (except the new Aero) including magnum. They also use drum brakes and the wheels come off easily for repair, etc. Top of the line parts for everything.


    BUT, you pay through the nose for them. Best to stick with the Rover, and someday when you and I have lost 150 pounds each, we can think of trading up to a Sportster
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