Atlanta Area Triking

edited August 2010 in Georgia
No group yet in the Atlanta Area, but there are two places that are great to ride a Trike:

1. The Silver Comet Trail. It is 61 Miles long and is a Rails to Trails Multi Use Path that goes from Smyrna, Georgia to Alabama and connects with the Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama for a total run of abut 100 miles. You will see Trikes on this trails all the time.


  • 2. The Big Creek Greenway is currently a 8.5 mile Multi Use Trail that goes from Roswell, Georgia, to Alpharetta. There is a second section of about 6.5 miles, and they are working on a section that will connect the two, for a total of over 15 miles one way. This is a gorgeous trail that is almost entirely in the shade, as it winds though the woods, and it is almost flat, which is unusual in hilly Atlanta.
  • We have a small group of trike riders in Peachtree City, GA and the word is getting out. Every week a few more meet up on the trails in PTC. Wednesdays we try to head to the Silver Comet Trail to ride 10-30 miles depending on the group. So far our recumbent group has about 10 steady riders but we are growing. We have found some riders who ride 30-50 miles a day. Nice group. Love the trikes.
  • Howdy. I am new to the recumbent community but have been an avid rider for over 25 years. I just picked up a used Access from a man whose father had used it for about 10 years every daily riding on the Silver Comet Trail. It appears to be in fairly good physical shape and came with an E Bike kit installed on it but it has been in storage for over 2 years, so im trying to gather information about it and see if i can bring it back to life. I bought this one for my wife who has a degenerative spinal condition, but wanted to ride along with me on the trail. I love the trail and have ridden it for years. If there is anyone on here that rides the SCT regularly, I would like to try to hook up with you so my wife can get into the unjurried atmosphere that i have grown to love. Please give a shout if you would be interested and lets try to pedal it a little.

  • Wow all these posts are old! Any Rover riders around? I live in Cumming Ga. Waiting for some cooler weather.
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