Decked out Base 24 spd. Rambler for sale...

I have a 2013 model Base Rambler for sale...Hardly any miles on it but we are downsizing and moving on. You won't need t1900o buy any of the add-ons as this one has em all!!  Deluxe fender set, bell/compass, dual mirrors,  rear rack, rear light, tire pump, bottle cage, headrest, and mp3 (ipod or phone) speaker...$1900 is my bottom dollar!!!



  • You interested??? I live in the Duluth or text...218-341-9483.
  • Photo available?

  • Is this trike still available ?   I would be interested.....
    email me at :
  • I still have this Trike for sale and even more anxious to sell it as it doesn't fit into my full time travelling plans...Will consider taking 1800 for it if anyone is interested...
  • the Rambler is still waiting to go!!!  Down to $1650 now....Can't go much lower...A good deal with all the options installed.
  • Still for sale?
  • Hi Ricky do you have any pictures?
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