water bottle carrier

Were do I put a bottle carrier on my new Traveler? I thought it would go on like my Rover, but I was told it will conflict with the folding.


  • No suggestions for a bottle holder. . . I have a camelback style canteen on the back of my seat. I cinched the shoulder straps as tight as they go, unbuckled the seat back mesh and rebuckled the seat mesh through the shoulder straps. Hindsight being what it is. . . I should have unbuckled the 2 shoulder straps on the camelback and fished them behind the seat mesh buckles.
    Just a suggestion in case you give up on the bottle carrier. Good luck.
  • Target sells a bottle holder that would strap to the vertical steering columns.  Here'sthe link:  http://www.target.com/p/bell-clinch-600-universal-bottle-cage/-/A-16713897#prodSlot=medium_1_5&term=bicycle+bottle+holdeer
    It didn't work for me because I didn't have enough room between the handlebars and my legs but it might work for you.

    I was on another trike site and saw someone carrying two bottles upright on the boom oft their bike.  I could not see what was holding them but I would love to have the same set up.  I have to almost stop and lean forward to reach my bottle on the front of my Rover.
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  • The only place there are holes in the boom (at least on my Rover) is at the very front.  I already have the device TT sells to make one bottle sit slanted.  I would like the bottles closer to me.

    Do you think double sided tape and a strap around the boom would hold this bottle holder upright on the boom? 
  • I also got the TT bottle holder for the front of the boom, and I agree, it's a long reach!  I recently installed Versa Bars due to my mobility issues, a water bottle cage can be put on the mounts on the bars and is very convenient and within reach.
  • I want to put my water bottle holder under my seat (Rambler). I am close, but I need something to clamp the cage to the seat frame (over the mesh fabric without puncturing it). I'll let you know WHEN I figure something out. I would also love any suggestions.
  • I passed on the Versa bars yesterday
    $89 I think. Didn't know it would be a long reach for the Mrs. Doubt she would want to drink and steer at same time. Maybe mount cages to the crash helmet and gravity feed into the mouth.
  • Ahoy Maties,
    Problem solved. Zip ties, zip ties, zip ties! I fastened the water bottle cage to one of the cross bars under the seat. It faces sideways and slightly up. I should probably put one of the right side as well. Another time, perhaps.
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