For Sale Rambler Tera Trike

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Selling my Terra Trike, asking 800.00 purchased for 1800.00. It's in great condition.


  • Husband lost job, need money.
  •   Sorry that your family is struggling. Am merely offering some advice; post roughly (Boise, ID as an example) where the trike is located, and whether you are willing to ship at the buyer's expense.

    ¬ ITL
  • Could you please provide a picture and let me know what state you live in? I would be interested in looking to purchase this Rambler. Thank you.
  • San Antonio Texas, I am unable to pay for any shipment. Will provide a better pic tomorrow
  • Driving down south in the coming weeks, interested in checking it out. Some pics would be great.
  • Is this still available. Do u have a way to ship if I pay
  • Hello, I live in San Antonio and if the trike is still available I would like to purchase it from you. Either way best of luck to you and GO SPURS! Thanks.
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