Lights for Rover

Rode after sunset last night. Stayed on sidewalk/path and a truck flashed its
high beams at me. I was wearing a chartreuse rain jacket, but had no lights.
A lot of diff in pricing. Most have LED's now? What should we look for in
lights? Going to stay away from cheap eBay from china in case it arrives
broken. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


  • Thanks for the tip on the headrest. Maybe a second pvc added to hold flag. We have a bunch of Harbor Freight flashlights around. Reg and triangle shaped. LED.s. I think plenty bright for front. Rear red is another story. Are there laws stating a bike light has to be this bright to use roadways?
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    Trek Cycles stated that just like motorcycles bikes/trikes should have lights on in daylight. Recommended for the rear is Bontrager. I saw one of this on the Natchez Trace this spring and at first at a distance thought it was a road construction blinker. Very bright. Impressive! For the front lists Cree multi led very bright lights. Not really cheap but what is your life worth?
  • People will see my two flags long before they see a light on my trike.

    Someone is obviously trying to sell more lights.  Do you even see the headlight on a motorcycle during the day?
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      Safety begins with each individual.

      Me: Bontrager Ion 800R headlamp. Daytime & Night-time strobes. Night-time leaves a medium-low steady light with an added pulsation that's does not grab attention like the daytime strobe does.6+ hour run time past steady lights which then vary from settings. 800 lumen as about 2 hours on a fully charged light. 3 settings. Although these run around $100, rechargeable. ~ Not had any issues with State or Local Police.
      Bontrager Flair R's in the back, I run two. 6+ hour run time, several settings including daytime strobe, 2 night strobes/blinkers, 2 steady settings. Also rechargeable.
      SoundWinds reflective & bright flag that is mounted vertically off the back axle. Car's won't see fishing poles like they will a vertical pole. Out here many people drive large pickup trucks too. Want to be seen or look cool?
      Also have an LED strobe that attaches with a magnet that I run under the seat. Not had an issue running one at night yet, even going past local police cruisers.
      And I made an adjustable height light-bar using two driveway markers, a 1/2 inch PVC pipe, and wire ties. Got some foam pool noodles to fashion a headrest of sorts on the light bar.
      Oh, and I run reflective tape in between the spokes on the rims. Worked great in the 90's.  ;)

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  • Thanks for all the info.
  • Our community has a huge bike riding crowd to include a number of road riding clubs, road racing teams etc Many of the riders wear the reflective high visibility clothing similar to or same as the Trek stuff. It is highly visible. Most riders here ride with single front and rear lights that also give off a very visible pulse.  That's all reflective wear

    Again going against the grain some but I'm not a fan of multiple flashing lights, strobes and LED's on a single bike or trike. It can be distracting to an approaching driver trying to figure out what is going on ahead and I do not want a distracted driver approaching me from the rear at night.I want a drive that sees a flashing light and thinks that a bike or trike.
  •   Also depends upon where you ride. Myself, I live in rural Idaho. Trikes are not common place out here, and only during the summer are there a fair amount of bicyclists.
      We probably have more farm equipment going down the emergency lanes than pedal-cyclists. Have one of them come up in your rear view mirror some day. ;)

      More safety laws are based on common sense. Safety begins with the individual, not drivers.


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  • I'm picturing a combine in my rear view mirror
  • The Cygo tail lights are a good deal for the money.  $25 each.  I have two.  They are blindingly bright, enough that the light will bounce from road signs a half mile behind me onto signs in front of me. They recharge via usb.

    I have a Cateye 800 on the front, also very bright and USB rechargeable.  It took the impact of my rollover crash last month when the trike was upside down, and only sustained a big scrape mark.
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