Another TerraTrike needed

I am organizing a 10 mile bicycle/trike ride on the first saturday of the months April through October in Salina, Kansas. The first one starts downtown in our fair city at 10 AM on April 2. There will be several trikes and many more bicycles in the ride. However, I am the only one that will be on a TerraTrike. I have the Rover 8. If there is anyone with a TerraTrike who would like to join in the ride, please contact me at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->.


  • You might want to post this here.. viewforum.php?f=8
  • Like Captain Bob suggested, the BROL ('BentRider Online) forum has a section just for Trikes. It gets a *LOT* of traffic, so posting there would be a great idea :)
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  • Thanks for pointing me towards Bentrider Online. I will post the information there. Most of Salina Kansas is very flat. We only have hills on the east side and very little traffic on the sidestreets which makes for a great place to ride. In fact to make this video for YouTube I had to go to the flood control levee to find a good short climb:
    Trikes are just beginning to get popular here and biking in general is picking up steam. I will be 73 years old in February so a 5 or 10 mile ride is plenty for me. Our city has a good start in making our small city more bike friendly but it is moving very slow. This ride is right down the center of Salina from north to south. Hopefully biking events like this will push them speed things up.
  • Have a great ride... I wish Atlanta was "flat".... Anyway, it was 72 degrees today and 70 tomorrow, so I am going to put some miles on.
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