Chain tubes v derailed?


  • My chain ate through my tube in a month. Duct tape is my quick fix, but what is wrong?
  • Didn't see replacement tubes on parts area of this site. Wonder if the flared
    models are available?
  • pull the chain, cut the tube in half at the wear point, look inside the tube to see if it suggests the chain did that. it is possible the chain had been installed twisted or the tube poorly positioned.<br>

    dont know your location, but if orlando, florida and the trike stays outside a bit, you could have the local vultures snacking on it - seems they have a fondness for chewing on car windshield wipers that locale.<br>

    check out tube positioning in the rambler pictures this site under 'products'<br>

    you can get quality flared tubes by the foot at
  • I just bought 2 44" flared tubes from them. Since I put the triple ring up front and had to cut the tubes shorter, the ends have been getting chewed up. I'll let you know how it goes
  • Looks charred/burned on the edge, and there's like a white liquid in your tube.

    ¬ ITL
  • The chain did not cause this damage it seems.
    It's seems to be damaged from the outside to inside.
  • Thanks. I am pretty confident that the chain is doing this. It only happens while I'm riding. The tube also has a habit of creeping forward. I think that I might just buy a replacement tube from terra cycle.ygx611i3drzx.jpeg
  • It looks to me as though the tube is introducing a kink in the chain's line. As though it's rubbing against it as it passes through, and eating the tube up in the process. (Keep in mind, the chain is moving pretty quickly, even at low gearing. It's going to create heat, which is going to cause the tube to melt a bit.) At the speeds the chain is going through, it's not going to take a lot of riding to reach a melting point on the tube's plastic if the chain line isn't fairly straight. Once the plastic melts, well, the chain is going to eat it up.

    So it looks as though the tubes might have been installed incorrectly, if the line isn't fairly straight. This is something I would be visiting your dealer about. It looks like there is a pretty big kink in the chain line in this photo: (Your first one in the last post.)

    I removed the tubes on eFreedom. The noises from the chain passing through were a bit more than I wanted. I want to hear the motor so I can tell if I'm lugging it down as I ride. (Lugging a motor down increases heat, increasing chances of the motor failing. By hearing it I know to change to a lower gear.) Couldn't do that with chain tubes installed. All I heard were the tubes when I had them installed.
  • Those chain tubes seem primitive, could they be replaced by an idler/roller etc ?
  • yeah, too much chaintube noise when clamped.

    a slipping tube is caused by a loose clamp. dont see a problem with the things if you have an igh and float the tubes. figuring clamped is asking for a bit of tube sawing, i use a zip tie under the tube clamp and suspend the tube from a seat tube or frame mount point.

    putting together a delta that has no idlers. uses 2 sections of tube sleeved in the middle by a larger diameter rubberized tube. full-length setup, both power and return side, rigidly clamped amidships. setup works fine at the moment but, with a derailleur driveline, dubious about life expectancy. bolts used on the tube clamps are same diameter as for rambler idlers so thats on the upgrade list.
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