Looking for a Tour II

Hello, I am planning to ride the Southern Tier, Pacific Coast, Northern Tier, and Atlantic Coast all in one trip next year and really would like to do it on a Tour II. I currently have a Rover but do not think that it would be the best choice. Does anyone have a Tour II for sale or know of a good place for me to purchase one? Thank you in advance for your help.


  • One in Holland MI at West Michigan
    Bike and Fitness as of a week ago.
  • 2015 Tourer medium frame size for sale. Less than 2000 easy pa miles. NW Florida. Great shape with 26" rear wheel upgrade. $1700. Contact via email for additional info. Well maintained
  • Found and purchased a new Tour II from Gator Cycle in Florida. Great shop and a great deal.
  • Where will you be riding it?
  • How low did they go for price?
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