Shortening distance seat to pedals

I think my pedals are approx. 1" too far. As I look at the seat bracket, it appears to have a flange in place to center it. If so, my other option would be to shorten the boom. If I pull it back 1", will the derailleur take up the additional length of chain? Any more than 1" is unnecessary.

If there are other considerations, I would appreciate the advice.



  • dunno if you have looked at but the visualization provided might help.

    you have something like 6-inches of fore and aft seat adjustment, basic idea is to have the seat forward enough so the return pedal stroke gives you about 1/2-inch heel clearance from the frame. with the seat set up that way, if moving the boom all the way in still leaves the pedals out of comfortable reach then yes, no problem hack sawing off an inch or two of boom.

    if your trike was set up properly, any movement of the boom will need addition or removal of links to keep it that way. see
  • A full chain link is coincidentally 1" so you may be fine. Put the chain in the biggest front ring and smallest rear cog adjust the boom so the pedals are right and the derailleur cage should be roughly vertical. If near vertical and the gears shift well you are fine. If the rear cage is near to horizontal a link may need to be removed. easy to do and only requires a chain break and a quick link.
  • Another option would be to add a chain gobbler or chain tensioner to take up any slack. One advantage taking care of chain slack this way is that it allows you to move the boom in or out to accomodate other individuals of different heights to try-out your trike.
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