• Not seen a tandem trike in person yet. Have seen a few tandem MTBs.
    Bet you get a lot of looks & compliments! ;)

    ¬ ITL
  • Yep, Tandems stand out....usually have to answer a lot of questions...!!!!!!!... :D
  • If you have Facebook, you could join the TerraTrike Owners group.

    ¬ ITL
  • "DONE"'s pending right now...Thank You for pointing this Group out...I already belong to most of the Major "None Brand Specific" Recumbent Trike Forums on Facebook...I post a lot of Ride Pics all the time...David skuuter Panter..... :)
  • See you've been approved along with 9 others. :)

    ¬ ITL
  • GREAT...!!!!!...Yep, just went over there and posted.... :)
  • Every time we go out on our pro, we get flagged down and asked a ton of questions. When we go camping, I usually end up giving free demos. Great conversation piece.
  • Saw a lot of Tandems at the Riderfest
  • Great looking ride shuuter. I hope to have Rover tandem soon. Sometime April/May.
    Now in central FL as a Snowbird. Left the Rover at home, Can't ride by myself anymore. Vision issues. Now have a great lady in my life, who loves to ride. She will be the Captain. I see alot of fun adventures ahead for us.
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