Bike locks?

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Anyone have any suggestions on how or what to use to securely lock your trike when, say, going into a store?


  • I use Street Cuffs to lock my trike. If it is in a remote location I also run a cable lock through the wheels.

  • I went here: ... ables.html

    ... and ordered a 15' long cable with loops on either end. 1/4" cable is fine. It coils nicely to friction-fit under my rear rack/above the fender. I provided my own padlock. The 15 footer is long enough to snake through all three wheels and around some stationary object.

    If you order from Web Rigging Supply, the confusing part is that you have to order two things - the 3' long starter, plus a quantity of extra feet of cable. They fabricate the cable and ship very quickly.
  • U bike lock comes in different degrees of security. There are bicycle locks to a minimum to maximum security. These locks would serve people in areas of low crime in high crime areas. U lock base comes with steel shackles, cylinders drive, solid locking mechanism, dust covers, keys, and they are usually able to fit comfortably in any bike. The price of a bicycle lock can vary from $ 20 to $ 150 depending on the degree of certainty.

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  • I prefer the Kryptonite bike locks with a really thick cable or U-locks. Thin cables can be cut with a cheap bolt cutter, that most bike thieves carry with them in about one second. ... x?cid=1001
  • Hi:
    I recently bought a Rover 8 and was concerned about protecting my bike, even though we live in a fairly "low crime" area. But my thinking is that it only takes one good time and in the blink of an eye my trike would be gone, so low crime or high crime doesn't matter as long as you protect yourself at all times. I did a lot of research about locks and cables. What I found out is that it is best to use a combination of a good U-Lock AND thick cables which are difficult to cut with regular bolt cutters. Usually bike stealing is a crime of easy opportunity. If you make it difficult to steal your bike (remember that nothing is 100% steal proof) then chances are the thief will move on to another bike. I think it's especially important to protect your trike since it already draws so much attention because it is an unusual bike that folks aren't use to seeing. So what did I buy? I bought the Kryptonite New York Lock U-Lock (it's one of the longer U-locks so it better handles the width of the trike's frame). The higher end Kryptonite products have very good reviews and are designated for high crime areas. Most of the negatives were from folks who left their locks out in the weather over the winter and had problems with the lock not being able to open in the spring. But my bike will be garaged so I don't expect a problem with that. For the cables I bought two 7 foot cables because I could not find one bike cable (as one poster found a 15 footer!) longer than that. I bought an Abus 16mm 7 foot cable with combo lock, which I use for the rear wheel. And I got an Avenir 15mm 7-foot cable with end loops which I use with the U-Lock to secure the front wheels and frame. It's difficult to cut steel cables 15mm plus thick. The U-lock is 5 lbs and the cables are a little under 1 lb each. I purchased a rear trunk carrier to support my locking gear and other necessities so they are easy to transport and store. In fact my son bought the Abus 16mm cable as well and wants to send it back because he is complaining that it is "too" thick, too heavy! The articles I read on the subject says that a biker should spend at least 10% of the value of the bike on security lockse but I think that concept it a bit screwy. I think you should buy the best possible locks you can afford, period. I have used my lock and cables twice since I got my Rover 2 weeks ago ...... it was a little bit of a chore to secure the bike but it should get easier over time. I intend to also lock up my bike when it is in my garage too but haven't figured out the best way to do it yet. The garage door is sometimes left open unintentionally by our visiting offspring so that will give me a little peace of mind. Hope this helps.
  • Bottom line is if a thief wants your trike, he's going to get it. All you can do is try and deter him long enough to discourage him and maybe move on. We recommend a good cable lock. Get something 10mm or thicker. then make sure you loop it through ALL the tires and through the frame somewhere.

    We have a really good lock available here:

    We also have a new product coming out shortly that will also help. It is a motion activated loud alarm that is remotely activated. It even "chirps" like your car alarm when you set it. Coming in the fall 2011.
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