Greetings from Fort Walton Beach, FL

New to the forum and currently looking to purchase a Rover for my better half. We currently have a couple of Trek cruiser bikes that are not used very much, as my wife has issues with a two-wheeler. I appreciate all the knowledge that I have already gained from this forum. Our nearest dealer is around 200 miles away, and we hope to make the trip to demo a Rover. I'm still bouncing between between which of the three models to choose. If anyone has any words of wisdom, it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Internal hub has less maintenance, and virtually impervious to the elements. Upgrading is not as easy unless you go with a different front gear.

    External is easier to upgrade over time, yet has some maintenance and alignment.

    The NuVinci hub I hear is easier for most to shift and upgrading to a Schlumpf offers near infinite gears.

    Of the internal geared hubs, the Sturmey-Archer is the black sheep of the genre. Unlike NuVinci and other hubs, one has to stop pedaling to shift gears.
    Over time one can switch gears quickly. SA supposedly can take hills easier. There is however a momentarily loss of momentum when shifting.

    One can add an electrical assist motor too. Am sure someone with experience there will come in.

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    welcome aboard, sir. dealership economics, doubt you will fine all 3 drivelines on the floor. call ahead before any visit to find out availability.

    gator cycle gainesville may or may not have a rover. often, they get one on the floor and it gets sold the next day.

    what type of gearing on the wife's trike? generally, on a trike, you want lower than on a 2-wheeler. if happy with a derailleur, an x-8 [possibly re-geared] could work well. rover modifies easily to fit rider needs.
  • Chief, glad to see another person from the Florida panhandle. I lived in FWB for 17 years then took a promotion in DC. I retired and now I'm back in Navarre. When you get your trike, let me know. I'm a dying to go try the Blackwater Heritage State Trail and have a carrier to hold two trikes.

    I agree with jamesr. Gator Cycles has a lot of trikes to try out and they actually know how they work. The only other dealer is in Jackson MS and I know nothing about them. It's only a 5 hour drive to Gainesville. I took it many times while my son was in school there!
  • Thanks for the excellent feedback. I spoke with the dealer in Columbus, GA and he has a NuVinci in stock. Additionally, he has a rental business with an x-8, but warned me that it had been abused by renters. I think we will make a trip to Columbus and try the rental first, then over to Ft. Benning to ride the NuVinci (which we favor at the moment). I have been scouring the internet for used, but when I consider used prices, dealer military discount, the lifetime warranty for original owner, and the cost/logistics of obtaining a used trike.....buying new probably makes more sense. Florida_bound, I also have been wanting to ride the trail out of Milton (plus my favorite Texas Roadhouse is there).....will keep you apprised of our progress. Glad to see your son is a Gator vs a Nole :) Thanks again everyone!
  • His twin brother is a Nole fan but went to USAFA. I support both of them.
  • Welcome to the Forum Chief. If possible, Come to TerraTrike's RiverFest July 29 in Michigan. Call TT and tell them what all you want to try. They will have everything!
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