speed up a TerraTryke collapsible Traveller, 20 in wheels internal hub

I have a new TerraTryke, Traveler and will enjoy it once I can get a bit more than 12-13 pmh on it.  What counsel would you offer 


  • The internal hub will be slower than a cassette and rear derailleur. If you wanted more speed you should have opted for the 24 or 27 speed model. Is the 12-13 mph your max speed or is that your average? If average that is not bad for a trike.
    John Werner
    Rover Tandem Alfine 11 /w IPS
  • Derailleur system is at 98% efficiency, best IGH is a Rohloff at 95%, and worst is a SA at 91%. The Shimano IGH's are somewhere in between. A 3% loss on a bicycle is huge. Just take a look at TerraTrike's fast trike, the Sportster, they do not offer an IGH on it.

    I have used all three Schlumpf drives, MD, SD, and HSD, and the Patterson drive. After being used to a triple crank I felt like I was peddling on a limestone trail instead of asphalt when using the Schlumpf or Patterson. Just look around and see what the go fast riders are using, I bet they will all have derailleur systems. If you want to increase speed and reduce weight, go with a derailleur system. 
    John Werner
    Rover Tandem Alfine 11 /w IPS
  • I too own a TT Traveller 8 speed, and it does seem slower than I expected even when accounting for a hub.  Perhaps its a SRAM issue.
  • Thank you for the response, overall I am pleased with a IGH but I doubt the engine (me) will get much more energy.  One more question on gear inches, if I read the specs right the G8 SRAM has a high of 62, which seems low in comparison with other IGH, do I read this wrong and does it really matter.    
  • Good comments, best explanation I've found. Thanks, I'll keep peddling.  
  • Elrique64 has said it well.  Just adding my two cents.. Mine has the Sclumph HSD and the Alfine 11 in back and am very happy with it.  I went this path after riding my DF with the Alfine 8 for a long time.  I really liked the IGH setup, but often maxed out the 8-speed.  So my first thoughts were go for the 11 and that should do it.  After using Sheldon Brown's side and running the numbers I was worried about the range.  Especially with how much I maxed out the 8. So I decided to invest up front for the HSD.  The range is big.  The only change I may consider in the future (but there is no rush) is to have a smaller cog in back as the low is pretty darn low
  • I have a 24-speed Traveler. I find that I would like to add a e-bike conversion for taking the hills. Does anyone have any advice as to a bike shop who will do electric conversions at a reasonable cost in the Tampa Bay Florida area?
  • I'd recommend calling TerraTrike (TT) directly. Ask about options that won't interfere with the folding of the Traveler - unless this is never going to be an issue for you. While I don't believe it is supposed to be available for separately (currently only available on the 2017 TerraTrike Rambler EVO with 24" wheels), You might be able to get the new hub motor and recumbent trike algorithm. TT may be willing to work with you if you can provide feedback for them?

    If you strike out totally, give Luna Cycle a call. There phone hours are M-F 9am to 6pm PST: (800) 881 4471. They sell DIY electric assist motors of various types and batteries, and they may be able to give you the name of some shop in your area that can do it for you. At the very least they can give you some ideas as to what might work best for you, or at least, what you are likely to have to pay, for parts alone.

    As an alternate idea, you might consider test riding a new 24" Rambler EVO, and see if an electric assist trike is really what you want. Then keep in mind that the EVO is reportedly a groundbreaking evolution in Electric trikes. If this is close to being true, then you will be trying out the crème de la crème of electric bike/trikes.

    If this is exactly what you want, order one and sell your Traveler. If not, then plan on spending more than $1000 to install something usable on your Traveler, and quite easily $2000 or more. There are a lot of considerations when it comes to purchasing an electric assist motor and/or trike. I encourage you to investigate the topic here (use the lower search bar in the top right of this page), You Tube, the internet, and local bike shops (many do install E-motors). But do some research first. I guarantee you won't be sorry you did, whatever you ultimately decide.
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