back on the bike

edited March 2011 in Michigan
Well after what seemed like forever im back on the bike and no pain to report.
So is anyone riding trainers indoors this winter ?
I ride in my basement. maybe going to start going to local Bike shop.

If anyone wants to get together for a indoor ride please feel free to ask. i can travel to you or you can come to my house.
Riding alone is like watching paint dry.. not very exciting..


  • As much as I hate the indoor trainer it is one way to stay some what in shape. I have it sitting in front of my slider which over looks a small lake we are on. So as I was pedaling away the other day my 27 year old daughter was home, she came down stairs and was watching me, she then asked what I was looking at, I told her "NOTHING" she went on to say she thought maybe I was watching the hockey players on the ice. "Hockey players what hockey players?"
    I then realized that I was pedeling with my eyes closed. OK does that tell you how exciting indoor training is. YEP as interesting as Brian watching paint dry.
  • I set my mini rollers up in front of the TV. Tons of stuff to watch while I am riding my Rover and it makes the time go much faster.
  • I have a few videos I watch. They are called rides. It's neat you watch bikers going over a 25 mile course from either a helmet cam or truck cam. It makes it feel like your in the group. It let's you know when you arenhitting hills and other stuff.. Very cool for riding indoors to pass time and spin away..
  • I watch numbers
    do about 23 miles a ride but on a 2 wheeler lawn chair
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