• What area are you in?

    How do you like triking over the wooden bridges? I only crossed a few but struggled every time. It was probably because the roads are mostly flat and these wood bridges were built as an upward arch. I had to get a real run to make it over them without slowing to a crawl.
  • We're in Estill Springs, Tennessee (Middle Tennessee)...We ride the Back Roads, Greenways of Sewanee/Monteagle, Murfreesboro, Maryville, Townsend, and Cades Cove/Tremont in the Smoky Mountains.....where we live You have to learn to climb..."Rolling Hills and Mountains of Tennessee"...wooden arched bridges are no big deal...There are two large Recumbent Rallies here now...SMOKY MOUNTAIN RECUMBENT RALLY in Townsend, and TENNESSEE RECUMBENT RALLY in Murfreesboro....getting to be "Triker Heaven".... :)
  • Oh... niiiiice! :D /drools

    ¬ ITL
  • A) What are the dates of the two recumbent rallys to which you reference?
    B) My wife and I each ride TT Sportsters currently, but, we do keep talking about the possibility of a tandem as a variation. From your experience, what are the pros and cons of the tandem.
    C) How frequently do you find the larger turning radius to be problematic. Our opinion is that, if necessary, just dismount, grab the rear wheel and swing it around, but, that is only theory on our part.
  • Yeah, I'f like to know also. Middle Tennessee would be a 6-hour drive versus a 14-hour drive to Grand Rapids. We can have our own mini Terra Trike meet up.
  • The TerraTrike RiderFest in Grand Rapids, MI is not hilling terrain like the Smokey's, In fact, there is only about 350' of total elevation for RiderFest. Just sayin...
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