New trike owner wants Michigan trike ride list.

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After 30 years of not being able to ride I bought a couple of trikes, a Catrike expedition and a Terratrike Zoomer. I have the Cat on a trainer in front of a TV. I am looking forward to riding this summer more than I can say. Is there a listing of rides and tours etc. In Michigan?


  • try looking up rails to trails. There is the dalmac tour, the one hellava ride tour, and my personal favorites, the spring and fall big mac bike tours.
  • I'm not sure there is anything just about trike rides..
    But the league of Michigan bicycle has a event calendar with stuff on it every weekend al over the state. ... eventlist/

    If you want to ride give me a call
    Brian walker
    616-four zero two- 89 one six..
  • There is a great club around Lansing - they sponsor the Delmac
  • Thank you all. I have gotten a lot of information on both rails to trails and general rides. Now just waiting for the weater to break.
  • ScJackson- how would you compare the ride of the terratrike to the catrike? i started with a TT cruiser, then upgraded to a zoomer SL. i like it, but the angle of the seat must be a bit different than my cruiser (plus the aluminum doesn't absorb road shock as well) and i can't get comfortable no matter what i do. after a few months of riding i developed a severe bone bruise on my tailbone (coccxy). i've tried different back angles, and even made a custom seat cushion with a cut-out (i'm a physical therapist). one doctor i see said she sees this a lot with recumbent trikes. she doesn't want me to ride at all, but of course that is not going to happen. :) But i've had to cut my rides short- an hour is painful but tolerable, but i'm pretty miserable if i ride longer than an hour. i know you're a lot more reclined in the catrike but i've never ridden one. i've heard some negative comments regarding neck stress with the catrike, plus being more reclined forces you into a more forward-head position which i'm trying to avoid.
  • Search Michigan Recumbent Trikes on Facebook. Check the Events section on the main page to see Michigan Rides our club lists for trike riders.
  • Lots of trails in Michigan. What do you want ?
    Flat, hilly, long short, dirt, paved, scenic ?
  • There is even an app for your phone.
  • Here is one I'm looking at participating in next June:

    You might also check out the League of Michigan Bicyclists - almost all rides on bike lanes on conventional highways (typically low volume traffic) and Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance - they concentrate on rides on established bike/mup trails.
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    Also, while I personally refuse to use Facebook again, the only way I know to connect with Michigan Recumbent Trikes riding group is through Facebook at And their entire group is recumbent trikes only, I believe. They had a large presence at TerraTrike's RiderFest (annually held the last weekend of July near Grand Rapids) event last month. I believe they do quite a few events each year.
  • Regarding group rides. Always check with the group regarding what speed the average and will they stay with you or drop you if you're slower than them. Our local bike clubs has rides that vary significantly in speed and some will drop you, others will not.
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