trike riders

Looking to find some other trike riders in the area. I like to ride as many days as possible and would love to have a group that we can set up rides.


  • Hi Larry,
    Just picked up my Rover Nuvinci and would love to find some other
    folks who ride in my area....Fort Wayne.  Our TT dealer here 
    doesn't seem to know much about the recumbent world so if you
    know of someone I could talk to or ride with I would really appreciate
    your input.
  • Hey Angie,

    I'm also a Fort Wayne trike rider. I've been seeing more and more of us out there. Would love to do a meet and greet and start getting us all connected.
  • I am also in Fort Wayne and been riding my Traveler for just over a month, and been loving it.  I seen a a few out on the River Greenway.  It would be cool get to meet other trike riders in town.
  • I am in the Southeast corner of Minnesota and have ridden almost 500 miles and have yet to see another Trikes. I put 50 miles on in the Leech Lake area in the middle of the state and didn't see any there either. Well, I guess I will be a loaner. 
  • Hi to all trikers in Fort Wayne!  I would love to meet all of you and perhaps go for a ride 
    together and compare notes.  I am seeing more and more of us out there in Foster Park
    where I have been riding - I'm hoping Fort Wayne Outfitters is going to give me a commision for all the people I've sent them to try out TerraTrike.
    If you would like to get together, send me an email and I'll try to find a place and time we
    could meet.  My e:
    This is my third week on the trike and I am always excited for my ride...not so much when I
    was walking four miles a day.
    Happy riding to you all and get in touch if you're interested.
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    Greetings to everyone. Just today I started a Facebook Group called Fort Wayne Tadpole Riders. I did so for the purpose of having something available to help us connect up and hopefully ride together.
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