Did You See This Ad?


It sold before I could call. I don't know why anyone would sell a trike that cheap. It's extremely suspicious!


  • The scary part is not the price......the scary part is that a "professor" "couldn't make it work" so is selling for far less than worth and is in a TEACHING POSITION.(how's that go, the ones that can do, and the ones that can't TEACH! I would like to know what the professor teaches.....sure hope it is not engineering, design, economics, or really anything except basket weaving 101. Just sayin.
  • It's middle Alabama. No trike shops in the entire state. Enough said!
  • I don't believe I have EVER taken my trike to a "trike shop". Just saying.
    I believe (note I don't say I KNOW) that 90% of trike work is the same as regular bike work.
    My lbs has always given it their best, and even gone to look at videos on TTU to get it right.
  • Not many regular bikes with e-assist. They stop riding if they can no longer make the hills.

    I did take my trike to a Terra Trike preferred dealer. I wasn't impressed with their service. As a matter of fact, I will be working on the trike today to adjust the shifters and brake handles. I had longer cables installed and they positioned the shifter so that I can't see what gear I am in. That position would be fine on a regular bike but not on a trike. Only trike riders truly understand how they need to be set up. That's why I'm dreading getting service in my new town. No dealers within 200 miles.
  • @Florida_bound, maybe a business opportunity for you or someone nearby?!
  • I want to attend some local events to get others interested in trikes. The problem is there are few paths to ride on here. There aren't many bikes period.

    If a local bike shop would consider selling trikes, I could help them with sales. You guys have taught me so much. I can at least explain what type of trike would be best to buy.
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