edited June 2012 in Kansas
Any other Olathe /Johnson county rides here? I'm having fun on all the area trails but have yet to see another trike.



  • I'm in Topeka, John, if that's any help. Lawrence and all its cool trails would be about halfway for us.
  • How about anyone in the Inman, Hutchinson, McPherson area? I live in Inman. My Name is Daniel
  • Was out on Kill Creek Trail this afternoon, 1/13/16, for my first good ride on my Tour II.  It was a blast and no arm or back pain like on the old two wheeler.
  • I'm in Lawrence........ 785.766.3241 Lets do a potluck.
  • We just took delivery of our Rover tandem in Wichita, and our son and his family live in Olathe. We are looking forward to taking it up there this month and trying out the numerous trails close to their house.
  • Practice face muscle relaxation. Wide, repetitive grinning could initiate facial muscle cramps. Congrats
  • I ride my Rover in Lawrence all the time. We have some terrific paths perfect for triking. The route along the K10 bypass on the West side of town is gorgeous, fun ride.  

  • I just purchased a used Rover, I am in Western Shawnee and have been riding the Mill Creek trail from Johnson Drive into Olathe and back for a few years about 23 miles in 90-100 minutes.  4 mph drop just seams strange and slow to me.  hopefully will just take some time to get used to it.  maybe different muscles?  Love my nice 700c Raleigh hybrid commuter and, frankly, still prefer that ride.  But, after about 4 spills in the last 8 years and getting old enough that it is taking longer to heal all of the time, the last spill being the day after Christmas, and even then nothing major other than a concussion, and some cracked ribs in a couple of the spills.  It was always a wet slick spot that I didn't know was there.  I feel like I've been lucky and don't want to push it.  So, the trike is now my ride. Raleigh is in the basement on the training stand at the moment.  I really love several parts of this trail, anyone else ride it?  I have seen it rated as the best trail in Ks in a number of sites.  Stretch between 83rd street access and Prairie Star Pkwy (95th St) access point is a gorgeous short stretch.  
  • A couple of low riders here in Spring Hill area. We have a Terratrike Pro tandem and enjoy that. For longer, faster rides we have individual trikes. There are many good paths around us; just bring plenty of water because there aren't many stops.
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