Transport in an Outback

Will the trike fit in the rear of a Subaru Outback? Measurement would say so but wondered if anyone has experience.


  • May have to lay seat down. Loosen underneath and slide bracket forward. That should lower seat back. I have a
  • Should fit, mine goes into a Forester easily
  • Honda Fit here......Rambler set at small, 20" tires, front seat all the way forward and its back tilted forward, with 6" to spare. My neighbor has a Forester and it appears to be a bit longer than a Fit.
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    Here is my trike with 26" rear wheel and my wife's Trek bicycle in the back of our Forester. The back seat is lowered.
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  • Thanks for the input. The Forrester pic is impressive
  • I have an Outback, but I transport on the roof. The interior of the Outback is longer, but the Forrester is a little taller. It should fit - just passing on what I know.
  • Have a Suzuki Esteem GLX wagon and carry in top. It's similar to the Outback. I tie to the rack on top as Rover's wheels fit snugly in the front.
    If traveling down the highway I also tie through the passenger windows/ceiling for more assurance, and to avoid road gremlins.

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  • I used to fit 2 trikes in the back of my PT cruiser
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