Found an issue with my RAT

I just found an issue with my RAT that I didn't notice in the rollover. I broke the area where the cable comes into the shifter. qczc6swrduyx.jpg Is this a fixable issue or replace?


  • It could be kind of "fixed" but your better off just replacing it as soon as possible
  • I think I would order a new piece and probably use a combination of glue, epoxy putty, and gorilla tape until the new piece arrives and can be installed.
  • Yup, super glue it together and order a replacement
  • Would order a replacement. If wanting to ride until then: remove any debris with gentle tapping, needle nose pliers, can of air. If you take it apart, line the outer inside edge with aluminum duct tape, upper & lower, to form a barrier when put back together. Then epoxy the outer area.

    ¬ ITL
  • I don't understand the need to use the duct tape. it took 40 miles to break away, and it all fits just perfectly back together. It never completely broke apart. I used JB Weld to reattach it back together and it is holding just fine for now. So far I have 53 miles on the repair and will be going back out tomorrow for another 25 or so. New shifter will be here tomorrow and I will have it replaced then. Thanks for all of the input.
  • That JB Weld repair might just last forever. In a past life long ago, I cracked a motor block at the drag strip and used JB weld to repair it before racing in the next heat. When it didn't blowup the motor and actually held together, I became a strong proponent of JB Weld and other epoxy putty (i.e. plumbers putty).

    I discovered Gorilla brand duct tape earlier this year and used it to repair a fender that flopped in the wind after a parking lot hit & run. Regular duct tape worked for about 5 miles at 70 mph before giving way. The Gorilla brand duct tape lasted more than 1200 miles all the way back home. I had suggested this tape in my post above as a security/peace-of-mind backup solution in case the glue & epoxy putty came loose. Glad to hear of your positive solution.
  • Barriers keep further debris from breaking away and working back inside, and to form a resilient barrier to the epoxy. However the point in mute since your shifter will arrive tomorrow.

    ¬ ITL
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