Nay advice on helmets? I live in a rather warm climate. I don't like helmets but think it may be a wise move to purchase one.


  • hot and humid here from may-october. sweat a bit on 6 p.m. rides these days.

    i have an excellent giro "feature" helmet in hiviz orange. toss the lid lock and you have a very nice adjustable visor.

    however, the helmet - despite all the ventilation slots - is still an insulator. 90-degree days, i dont need to have the brain in a slow-cooker. another problem, if the hair is thinning on top, no problem picking up itchy scalp on the rides.

    also, helmets do not protect ear and nose tips against skin cancer so summertime for me is a hiviz floppy with an evaporative sweatband - at the moment https://www.hivissupply.com/chill-its-8935ct-hivis-evaporative-cooling-ranger-hat-erg-8935ct.html

    havent soaked it in water and done a test run to see if it keeps the head cool for 4 hours as they say as of yet.

    end of september comes, sun intensity and humidity drops, the helmet goes on and the rides start taking place daylight hours.
  • This SW Florida resident thanks you for the reminder on skin cancer.

    Would I rather fall down and break my Crown, or would I prefer a surgeon to go after my ears and nose with a patch of replacement skin removed from my butt?

    Besides, I like the hat you point to.

    Good post, JamesR.
  • Good points all! thanks
  • Use a Bontrager helmet here as they will replace the helmet if you take a spill and the helmet gets damaged.
    During the daytime hours I wear a classic Da Brim, which is wider on the sides and back. It also cuts down on glare dramatically, although it can catch the wind or breeze when pedaling fast. Da brim can attach and detach in seconds, and it's classy. Get a lot of compliments wearing it, more so from the ladies & other Da Brim users.

    I use the Off-White since helmet was white, and that white reflects more rays keeping things cooler.

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  • When did u buy an off white, as they
    aren't available now?
  • Only blue n red now... :/
  • Have several and got sick of the burnt spots on my head and being super cheap, stuffed my old Tilley hat in to it. It works great. Redneck chic or as my grand kids call it, 'Super Dork'
  • Tilley hats are great. That brim really helps with the sun. Because I ride almost exclusively on paved trails, I usually don't wear a helmet, just the Tilley. But if I did, I'd stuff the Tilley under it as well.
  • FINN58 wrote: »
    Only blue n red now... :/

    Strange, I just added an off-white to the cart.

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  • I wear a helmet if I know I'll be doing a ride with fast downhills and curves or on a road. If I'm on a trail and it's a leisurely ride I don't wear a helmet.
  • Most riders I know of out this way use a bandana under the helmet, or one guy used a portion of a woman's scarf. They say when when ya sweat the banana soaks up and the vents cool the material and makes for a swamp cooler effect. Some even claim to have cool heads that way. :)

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  • On their web page, they show a red and blue. When u check the shopping button, three colors come up. I do have a hat like Squirrel that fits under my
    helmet. Wife didn't think much of da
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    Select color from drop-down list: Red, Blue, Off-White. The click the grey Add To Cart button.ko2acga6zzly.jpg

    Or better yet, spend twice as much and get a Tilley - maybe it's an omen for you. ;)

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  • We agree with TCEd. Flat trails, no helmets. Trails with hills, particularly with curves, we wear our helmets.
  • There is the safe, then there is sorry. It is a personal choice that can affect others.

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  • We always wear them. Saw five deer last night, one close so I stopped. Doe
    went back into brush. Other 4 crossed
    path a ways ahead. Never know where
    or when that you could get teed.
  • One only needs to wear a helmet if, and when, they have something of value to protect. ;)

    There is a valid reason they call them accidents.
  • If only Tilley would decide to make bike helmets . . . . no more crushing my nice Tilley, etc.
    DaBrim looks cool, but it is 100% single use item. I prefer my stuff to be useful for other things. (my only exception is my SPD shoes)
  • @squirrelpie0 by the way, THAT Tilley has seen better days, my friend. Did you find that one under a steamroller?
  • And squirrelpie0, my issue with putting a hat under a bicycle helmet is the straps pull the brim of the hat down. How did you keep the brim out?
  • Many amateur marathon runners keep up a 8.5 mph pace which is similar to many trike riders over a similar distance. A marathon runner will fall a greater distance before hitting their head so why don't runners wear helmets ?
  • It really boils down to personal preference. There is no correct answer, just personal preference. I have no beef with, and do not criticize, those that choose to wear helmets 100% of the time. I respect their decision. It is just my personal choice to go at it a little differently. This from someone who has been in the insurance business for 45 years, seeing all kinds of injury results, also a National Ski Patroller for many years tending every injury conceivable, who, by the way, ALWAYS wears a helmet when skiing. :-) Of course, when skiing, there's considerably more speed, turns, bumps, and trees that do not move when hit by a human. :-( I would never attempt to dissuade anyone from wearing a helmet, as I would expect others to respect my choice.
  • Lived in Miami FL for 10 years and Atlanta GA since 1985. I will not bike or inline skate without a helmet on, never. Once I arrived at a trail and realized I had left my helmet at home, and drove back 15 miles to get it. Brain injury will ruin your whole day.
  • The Tilley Hat is a 1992 vintage and been washed about a thousand times. It is ragged to the point I put the bike straps through the tears. Tilley hats are guaranteed for life so I may send it in for a replacement but I want to make sure I get full value out of it. have an acquaintance who had his Tilley eaten and processed by an elephant at the Toronto Zoo... twice. A quick wash and still in service. I wonder if Rover II will last that long?
  • It is all about choice. I don't ride without my helmet, but that is 100% my choice! da brim looked good, but it didn't quite do it for me. As usual, I took matters into my own hands. Plus, it fits my personality, and no one misses or forgets me! rdgahbobtz85.jpeg
  • Wouldn't say single-use since it has an adjustable strap to even fit a hard hat, Da Brim can be used on most any helmet type, baseball cap, or any cap for that matter - or no cap if you want to make a statement.

    Went with a wider brim for more shade, there are other types available even a visor.

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  • I'm curious if a DeBrim would interfere with the headrest?
  • The wide brim rubs in the back, obviously, cause of it being wider in the back. It was initially designed for bicycles, so they needed more protection from the back-ward sun than what we recumbent riders do.

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  • Great info! Thanks to you all!
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