NuVinci low gear

My wife and I just bought 2 TerraTrike Ramblers with the NuVinci 380 gear shift. We really like the way the shifter works and we're very glad we bought them. The TerraTrike specs list the low gear for the 24 speed as 19 gear-inches and the low gear for the NuVinci as 20 gear-inches. However, the lowest gear on the NuVinci is nowhere near as low as the 24 speed deraileur?!?!?! In actuality, my friends have a 24 speed Rambler and we compared our trikes by starting right next to each other and putting our trikes in their lowest gear and pedaling 3 complete turns of the pedals. Our trikes rode about 4 feet ahead of my friends?!?!?! This seem to be about 20% off. Could the NuVinci not be adjusted correctly?
How can I tell if the NuVinci is installed correctly?
I'm 74 years old and I need all the help I can get. I'm considering returning the NuVinci and asking Terra Trike to replace it with a 24 speed and refund my $300.


  • What size tires do you have on the Rambler. According to Sheldon's gear calculator on the 20" tire you should have a gear inch of 19.6". If you went with the 24" tire, your low would be 25.2"
  • if you turned the shifter to lowest position when starting the rollout, you were not in the lowest gear. ian sims sugar-coated this issue when he claims:

    "Yet another advantage of the Nu Vinci system is that you change through over 50% of the range while stationary. So if you have to stop suddenly and do not have time to change down, you are able to change down far enough to take off OK while stopped" -

    personal experience - dont stop on a hill in mid-range with a nuvinci and expect to resume climb without great effort.

    anyway, try taking the trike out for a spin, get it down to lowest gear before stopping and then try the distance rollout again.

    another possibility is new trike syndrome. brake and shifter cables stretch within the first hundred miles or so and will need to be re-adjusted, same for checking wheel true - usual thing during the first few rides for the spokes to unwind a bit as the wheels get stressed.
  • How long have you had it? Terra Trike wants you to bring it back for an adjustment at 6 months. Also, you have to consider the strength of your legs versus the other person. Have you ridden the 24 speed? Is it easier?
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