Thinking about buying a trike.

I currently have a trek bike and do 8 - 12 miles. Having carpotunnel issues in my wrist. If I go to the trike will I be able to get the same level of workout on the rover? Plus I'm 6' 4" does the trike extend out far enough for someone my height?


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  • I have a Trek verve and had the same problem with hands after buying my rover I ride more get a better workout and enjoy the ride more due to being able to see the world not the road (seating position) Im 6 foot theres plenty of adjustment left on my trike.I wou;d recomend a Rambler over the Rover unless weight is an issue due to more gear range.
  • Thanks for everyone's comments! Friday I went out and bought the Rover and absolutely love it. I've been on it everyday averaging 11 miles a day. Would be more but we have had rain here and flooded out my trail. It's different turning on uneven pavement had one wheel come up too much. Just me getting to know the trike and what I can and cannot do with it. I was curious about the gearing but for now it seems to be good enough for me as a beginner on one of these.
  • Welcome to the group! Be sure to register your trike and put your location on the website map and, if you want to find other riders in your area, go to the Trike Groups website.

    The Rover is a great trike but many of us have spent a lot money on upgrades, accessories, and mods. Let us know if you have any questions!
  • Can fenders be added to these? Went through mud puddles yesterday coated my arms just a mess.
  • Yes available from TT also search the forums for alternatives.
  • You can also call them to see if certain items are available. Not everything is shown on the website. I bought one of their new teardrop flags and love it. I'm thinking about buying another one.
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