Rambler Front wheel hubs

Before I strip the hex bolts, it's worth asking the question: Are the front wheel interchangeable with one another? Are the hubs threaded both left and right handed? I feel that my left wheel is not tightened adequately. It appears that I will need a torque wrench to tighten it. So here is the overall question: Is it "Lefty-loosy and Righty-tighty"; or the inverse?

Please forgive me if the answer is obvious.


  • answer is not obvious - better to ask than suffer the consequences.

    interchangeable righty-tighty. use grease on the threads.
    325 inch-pounds or get it tight, give it a shot of oommph.

    worth reading:

    in your best interest to go through the manual and check on proper assembly. quite obvious when i got my rambler the lbs assembler wasnt familiar with the manual.
  • So, just under what we used to call "bug-eye" torque :-)
  • They are not interchangeable! My neighbor helped me learn this the hard way. There is a little arrow on the hub pointing in the direction to "lock" it. Luckily, there was just enough threadding left to get it off. I will be ordering a new one of these soon.
  • Why is that wheel so beat up?
  • I brushed it against a brick wall the first week I had her. Other than the hub, I think it is all cosmetic.
  • whoa!

    depends on the year, i guess. the 2013 was right-hand tight, rover the same. so, what year model is that in the picture?
  • Thanks for the many replies. As a former bicycle mechanic, I suspected such. What is confusing is the way the "lock" is printed on the hub. Seems like the letters should be printed facing outward.
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    chatted with the lbs manager an hour ago about interchanging front wheels on the new rambler.

    no problem, he said, but you would have to reverse the calipers. no, there is no lock on the wheels.

    suspect the picture posted belongs to a trolltrike rather than a terratrike. if in fact there is such a device in a terratrike hub, loosen direction is obvious - that is, opposite the tighten arrow.

    wouldnt hurt to get official word from terratrike on year and model though. in agreement woth lbs manager having lefthand thread one side, righthand thread the other makes no economic sense for a trike producer.

  • Called Terratrike. They said the new Rambler has reverse threading on the left hand wheel.
  • Question? Is not the threading on the axle, not the wheel? Are the axles on a Rambler not remove able from the wheel? Do you have to remove and. Reverse the brake disc if switching from left to right wheel? ..... Just wondering seems a lot of unanswered question here to be considered
  • On my 2017 RAT the axles unscrew from the hub mount, and each axle comes out of the wheel hub and screws into the hub mount. The wheels look like they can be just reversed, BUT not the axles. One axle is left hand thread (sorry can't remember which one is). BUT the wheels look like you could just switch them with out moving the brake calipers. You MAY have to adjust the calipers though.
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