New Rover owner in Plano.

Just got my new Rover last Thursday and I put about 11 - 12 miles on it daily. About a block away from my house is the Bob Woodard Park trail. It is all concrete trail and goes forever but I usually turn around where it crosses under 75. That's almost 7 miles from where I start. Great trail except after a storm it floods out in areas. I would highly suggest it! Very safe a lot of people use it and they are all nice and polite along the trail. There are many places you can access the trail from Oak Point Rec. Center is along the trail and a real good place to access from.


  • Lucky having a trail like that close by.
  • Plano where? Google maps lists a town in Texas and Illinois and neither is near I-75.
  • Welcome to Rover trikin Weldin4. Bet you thought it would be a while before you were teaching other participants about stuff, but here is an early opportunity for you to teach me, and I suspect others something. I noticed that under your forum "handle" ghosted out is the time you posted (like with everyone), and immediately next to that is "in Texas" - how cool that there is a way we can easily let folks know what state we hail from as well as the ability to see where others are located. But I have no idea how you did that. I'm in Michigan and would love to have "in Michigan" appear in each post. Care to share?
  • That's US 75 and it's Plano, TX
  • TrikeBirder, glad you saw that because I didn't and I think it's a great tool!

    Duke, you are so lucky to have trails right near your house. Many of us don't have that luxury. I learned long ago never to assume people are from the wrong city and never say a Texan is from anywhere other than Texas. Enjoy the site and know there are many people here who can answer any technical question on the trike.
  • TrikeBirder I don't know how that happened either.

    Sorry I haven't been back to comment but busy putting the miles on my Rover. So Far about a hundred and twenty miles on the trike and ten pounds lighter. Doing exactly what I wanted to do with my rover. Loosing weight and getting outside! Was leery at first but very happy I bought the trike. I don't have any pain riding the trike at all. On my 2 wheel I was in bad pain. Especially in my wrist, neck and back. We have had a lot of rain down here so I had to order fenders for the trike. Mud gets everywhere. Taking forever for the fenders to get here though. Usually wait till later in the day to ride because the heat down here is crazy hot. Later in the day the trail is shaded and cooler.
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