2 TerraTrike Rovers for sale

1 for $1000 or 2 for $1800
Used only 2 hours
Currently located in Phoenix, Arizona
Call 970-946-2038
E-mail etzja@yahoo.com


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    8 speed, tire upgrades, basket, mirror. Purchased 2 years ago. Used only 2 hours. Stored inside. Would ship at expense of buyer.
  • Are they still available?
  • These Trikes are still available.
  • They are now located in Durango, Colorado
  • NEW PRICE - $950 each or 2 for $1,750
  • Post this on the bent riders forum too.

  • Any idea how much shipping would be to Chicago? Do you have any pictures?
  • I had my trike boxed by UPS and that cost me $600.  There is a company that specializes in shipping bikes.  I don't remember the name right now. 
  • Are these still available? Live in Missouri but might be able to work something out.
  • We are seriously interested and coming to Colorado soon. Please let me know if these are still available. Thank you!
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