Stolen Trikes

We know of two stolen this year from people on this site and I heard of another stolen in Tucson on the BROL message board.  The one in Tucson was parked outside a shop.  This has me very concerned.  For many of us, the trike is worth more to us than our cars.  For some, it replaced their car.

What can be done to better protect the trikes?  I'm assuming the thieves turn around and sell the trikes.  I found this website to report stolen trikes so that we can avoid purchasing a stolen one?
But, the site also states that most stolen bikes are never reported.  

Here's another site with tips on how to recover your stolen trike.  I like the alerts from all the different sites where the trike could be sold.  I know I'm going to register mine everywhere I can before it gets stolen.


  • @Florida_bound - I register our Rover with TT the day it arrived. We keep ours inside the garage. We camp with a 20' travel trailer and it will be cable locked to the trailer frame with a Master Lock Python cable. I guess that will provide some level of comfort. I have also taken detailed pics of the various components I have added or modified. I have also alerted our home owners agent.

    Thanks for the 2 links.

  • I was considering driving up to Terra Trike for their August event but I was not sure whether the trike would be safe on my car overnight.  All these thefts has me very concerned.
  • Someone must make an effective gps tracking chip we could attach in a hidden place on our trikes. Does anyone know of such?
  • That would be great!  If we can chip our dogs and our cars, why not our trikes?
  • over 1k on Amazon alone
  • You mean something like this?
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    I just stumbled upon an item while watching invention videos on YouTube.  This item is called the TRACKR.  The website is  It might be of interest to some of you.
  • Trackr is too dependant on other users for this purpose I'm afraid.
    Think about how likely it would be for another Trackr user to get within say ten feet of your stolen trike.
  • I agree.  Not many thieves will have them.

    It designed more to find your phone than your phone find it.  I already have my Apple watch to find my phone.
  • General advice for everyone: Make absolutely sure that any system you're looking at specifically calls it a GPS system. It drives me bonkers how many business out there advertise short distance tagging systems in such a way that people think they're GPS systems.  I've seen some where they completely fail to mention the limited range.

    GPS is global. Depending on your frame and how it's mounted, the signal may be a little weak. Overall, however, they're the best systems to have. The only real downside is they need quite a bit of power. It's hard to have a setup that won't need almost daily re-charging. Some are clever and introduce motion sensors and other timing related tricks to reduce power usage, though.

    These "tagging" systems are usually bluetooth or wifi-ish in nature, which use way less power. They also have almost no range. You have to have a detector (someone running their app) within ~30-45 feet. There are so many problems with this approach that I feel it's almost scam-ish in nature to promote it for recovering stolen stuff.  They're fine for inventory tracking, but not much else.

    - PaulNM
  • The motion alarms I found are relatively cheap.

    Has any one purchased one of these and do they work?  I don't know if someone trying to take my trike off the back of my car would trigger the car alarm.  I would also like to add this to the cable and U lock if I park the bike outside a shop or restaurant.  What do you think?
  • Florida,

    I bought one of these for use with my new trike. They work quite well with one exception.... they eat batteries. A fresh 9 Volt battery will only last about a week before it needs to be replaced. To get a longer lifespan would require putting the battery in only when the alarm is going to be used.
  • That's not good. 9 volt batteries are expensive.
  • YamiYuki wrote: »
    You mean something like this?

    Past the light, wonder if there is anything one could be used with our trikes, aka Rover. Something that would probably not be used on some other item or stolen bike. A light could easily be transferred to another bike, a wheelchair, or toss if the perpetrator does an online search about said light and finds it is a tracker - well who knows where the tracker light would end up then.

    ¬ ITL
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    Maybe @chonk would know of an item that could be engineered and used with trikes? Perhaps something that could slip into the handlebar grips of any standard or wide handlebar trikes? A side emitting LED that mimics side visibility perhaps, and having some special installer device that would clamp down on the inside and not be removable without the special installer item.

    Even if the perpetrator could find the device, they'd have to order the remove tool or something and that would still buy a few days time, unless was forcibly removed. Or some clamped item that could be added to, under, inside the seat?

    ¬ ITL
  • Luckily, I live in a small town and the only two trikes(tandem pros) belong to me and the friend of mine I talked into buying one. When camping or trips to store, I use a cable lock. When camping or home or on rides, I usually have an extra measure of security(my dog) and my other friends, Smith & Wesson. That being said, I rarely leave trike out of my site.
  • For what it's worth... I have my trike registered with and there are two prominent stickers now on the trike. It's free and it's better than nothing. :|
  • gps tattletales are available. cheaper, as others have posted, to have the trike added to homeowners insurance.
  • Has anyone bought the Trike Alarm that Terra Trike sells? What do you think of it?
  • JamesR wrote: »
    gps tattletales are available. cheaper, as others have posted, to have the trike added to homeowners insurance.

    Not everyone can get the insurance. If you only knew the cost on older homes, and some insurance companies won't even insure due to age - unless you happen to be independently wealthy.

    ¬ ITL
  • Has anyone bought the Trike Alarm that Terra Trike sells? What do you think of it?

    Look on Amazon reviews. Think there are 2 listed. Not favorable due to a range issue with the remote. Have looked online quite a few times and not found one good review yet, and there is no company contact - it's like the company does not even exist.

    Seen those Cycle Chimps on eBay for $35. Probably are knock-offs, or it could be that they don't sell well. It is a novel idea, but needs a major overhaul.

    ¬ ITL
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    ~ CycleChimp Trike Alarm ~
    This motion sensitive alarm features the alarm unit and a keychain remote controller. Just attach the alarm anywhere on your trike and then arm with the remote control. If the trike is moved it will not only set off a loud audible alarm but also alerts you through the remote with sound and LED lights.

    You can adjust the sensitivity of the alarm as well as mute or deactivate the alarm remotely.

    Perfect for when you need to run into the coffee shop and don't want to lock up your trike or as a secondary theft protection.

    Produced by CycleChimp ~ (doesn't exist)


    Oddly, they used TerraTrike's wording... thus why I felt it was a cheap knock-off.

    ¬ ITL
  • You know, I could care less about a remote. The blare of the alarm will chase would be thieves away and attract others to be able to identify him/her. Everybody wants this automated world. Sometimes old reliable systems are so much better!

    I will check out the reviews.
  • This looks interesting!
    I already have a lock that it. Having the alarm built into the lock would be great. It's a larger investment but, we paid a lot for the trikes. Well worth $100 bucks!

  • Garmin Astro is what I use for my hunting dog. GPS tracking and transmitter via radio signal. Something like this could be adapted but range is limited if the stolen item is in a vehicle moving away. Range is max. 9miles
  • Do you really want to chase down the people who stole your trike? Do you think the cops with bother with it?

    I want to make noise when they are in the act to scare them away. It's a safer method!
  • Anyone wanting to steal mine can have it. I just posted to show some of the technology that exists.
  • I once had a motorcycle stolen. Five hundred pounds of motorcycle.

    The forks were locked and a U-lock was around the rear wheel & frame.

    They took it all.

    I called the police, and they said to come in to the Precinct station and fill out a report of some kind.

    I asked the officer, "Aren't you going to come out and investigate or something?"

    The officer replied, "What would you like me to do? Come out and look at an empty parking space?"

    Duh on me.

    A very loud alarm with a wireless broadcast feature was on my replacement bike.....and the wireless receiver was always near.

    Over the next few years, that receiver went off twice.

    At 50 yards through a motel door and at several hundred yards (clear line of sight to where I was standing on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier).

    Not all alarms are weak and distance limited.

    BTW, both alarms were caused by young little lovelies who just had to sit on it and get their photo taken.
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    JamesR wrote: »
    gps tattletales are available. cheaper, as others have posted, to have the trike added to homeowners insurance.

    Not everyone can get the insurance. If you only knew the cost on older homes, and some insurance companies won't even insure due to age - unless you happen to be independently wealthy.

    Really? I lived in an 1860's build home for 18 years and never had any problem getting insurance. If you already have a homeowner's policy or a renter policy, call your agent and just fricken ask if you can add a rider to schedule a single item. Tell them if they can't help you, you will start looking for a new insurance company. And who can't afford $1.80 per $1000 value, per year?! And $1.80 was the highest price I was quoted after contacting numerous insurance companies. Just sayin...
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