USB Portable Charger Battery

Has anyone used a portable USB charger battery to charge USB rechargeable lights? I am using a Serfas E-Lume 450 on the front, and a Serfas Cosmos 60 on the rear on my Terra Trike Traveler.

Will be going on rides where USB adapter won't have 110v available, or a USB port is not available.

Would like to here from anyone who have used these USB charger batteries for this purpose. There are some pretty high capacity (mah) units available. The E-Lume 450 uses 700 mah during recharging, but the literature with the Cosmos doesn't state that information. I'm guessing it uses a lesser charging rate than the 450. I would guess one could get multiple charges from one of the higher capacity units. What do you think?

Thanks for any info/experience in advance.


  • I've used a couple of these for charging other devices while riding. They work OK.

    Not all lights will work while they are charging. You would have to test them to see which will work and which won't.

    You can always get a solar panel and charge the light off that, if you can find a way to mount the panel so it's in sunlight while you are riding. For that matter you may be able to charge the portable charger that way.
  • Technology cripples us at times. Needing a charger for the charger for the light is an example.
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    Have one USB bank mostly for the phone as it isn't very high capacity.

    Am looking for a decent USB power back to not only recharge lights from but also to run an LED light strip. Hard to find a power bank that supplies 5V for USB devices and having a 12V output for the LED strips while being affordable.

    Have a SunTactics s-Charger 8 solar panel to recharge USB devices on sunny days. Used the solar panels to recharge a GoPro Hero Session mid-ride. It has two ports to charge from at the same time.

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  • I have a Pocket Juice battery pack that recharges my iPhone faster than the electrical. Bought it for the GoPro cam as well.
  • Ed Miller canopy and add a solar power strip to the top. Problem solved (for big bucks, of course)
  • I've used them, they're OK, but slow. Best to use overnight with power to whatever you are charging turned off. This will speed-up the charging time. You might find this article of great value:
  • @IdahoTrailLizard; Take a look at the new portable car battery boosters. My coworker has one that's about the size of a paperback book (not those monster 20-30lb size of a bread box things from just a few years ago). His had a Stanley logo on it and he loves it. Most have USB ports for devices and his jump starts his Chevy pick up once a week. 5VDC on USB and 12VDC on the jumper ports. I saw a similar one at Harbor Freight just North of $50.
  • I'm a firm supporter of AA and AAA lights since you can just swap the rechargeable batteries when needed.
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